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Alchemy Stars | Global


absolutely recommended gacha game in 2021!!

dont worry about the low rating, there is a lot of salty weebs around here lmao

Idle Princess | Japanese


that live2d opening and animation so adorable!
the game open at 12:00 JST 3/6

God of Tales


not playable, don't bother download or try

FINALLY!! a top quality gacha game right here...
sadly i can't enjoy it because the language barrier, hopefully the english version coming out soon

Devil Book | Global


simple, fun, cute game
kinda buggy and need more improvment

recommended for casual player like me who want to try some chill vibe game

best game as always

Lord of the Other World


you have to login with qooapp account? that's new for me

FYI the game will be open at 29/03 02:00 UTC
*edit the game postponed to 30/03 04:00 UTC

im waiting a thousand years for this, does anyone know when this game open?
it show maintenance notice when i open it

<CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta>

I normally don't really like idle games because I personally hate it, but I do love the graphics and the story tho

*FYI this game is only released on Indonesia region only for now, that's why the only languange available is Indonesia, the dev will release the global version soon

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