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I think QooApp is better than Play Store
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I think QooApp is better than Play Store
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i like this rhythm game [開心]

I like this game,even it's very laggy on my phone[開心]

i wanted to play this gup game without accessing my phone to the Japanese server[大哭],but after i downloaded QooApp,i kinda surprised that i can this game at here[開心]

even I don't understand Japanese but this kinda fun to play[微笑]



I kinda shock that osu is finally available on Android![開心] IT'S SO FUUUN TO PLAY

Better than English version[哇噻]Arigatouu[害羞]

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


My device is not compatible with Genshin Impact,so i downloaded this, it's kinda fun to play[微笑][開心]

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hmm... #ShareLockScreen  Read Note
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