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I really really love this game. and it's also kind of f2p friendly (though it depends so much on your luck and sometimes if you really want a card, you need to sacrifice and skip some banners). characters are also very interesting and all of them are all bias material huhuhu. events are also fun to do and time limits on it is very reasonable. only down side for me is if you really are F2P like me, you can't have some invitiation cards, some of the chracter outfits and some SSR cards because they are top-up cards 😭😭😭

Not sure how I'm suppose to rate this because this is not a game. but this app is really good if you wanna communicate to people. mostly use it to have my DND sessions though lmao. 💕💕💕

What in Hell is Bad?


Can't even log in to the game and if I do, it keeps crashing and telling me that there is multiple players in the server and to log in again later. like bruh?! WTF!!! was hoping the devs to fix this but it has been quite some time but I'm still experiencing the same problems in this game [大哭][大哭][大哭]



Legit one of the most helpful apps especially if you play a lot of Hoyoverse games like me. definitely recommed if you too lazy to actually go the webisite for check ins and for interactive maps 💕💕💕

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