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Overall a terrible half-assed game, if it wasn't for the Idolm@ster name this would have shut down months ago.
It's supposed to be a "Producing game" but there's nothing about it. The rhythm aspect is awful, baby-tier mode with only 1 note and you can even pass it without playing it.
Lack of voiced content in stories and cards is evident compared to the other imas games, which makes me think they don't even have money to pay voice actors, pretty sad.
Graphics are ugly and thats the only saving grace of this game, there's costumes for the idols but you need to roll the exact same card 3 times to get a costume.
Most events cards are boring and bland. It's not very friendly with F2P players, barely gives jewels to roll and only cares about whales.
Not even sidem fans like this so If you want to play a good imas game, try starlight stage, theater days, shiny colors or the console games.

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