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I love nameko!
hazydayz 84771310

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I love nameko!
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Touch me! Gudetama 4


OH MY GOD, THIS IS ALMOST THE SAME AS THE GUDETAMA GAME THAT GOT REMOVED FROM THE PLAY STORE LAST DECEMBER!!! I had played it years ago and had started playing it again just before the shut down unfortunately. It adds match 3 elements but you still cook eggs, it has the same layout and feel with some changes. I was so sad when the other app shut down, now I'm extremely happy again! [色色][色色][色色]

Me-san's Diary


It's a bit slow, i was expecting them to appear faster and thought I did something wrong lol.

Love everything except the crashes, even on the lowest settings. I can play PUBG, CoD and other big graphic intensive games fine, so it shouldn't be my phone. Player base is low but if they fixed the game it would probably go up. The players that are here are so nice though! Everybody helps everyone, no griefers or trolls, a great community.

Minnano Mushroom Garden


I've been a Nameko fan since the first one almost 10 years ago. While Beeworks seems to have given up on the North American market, I haven't given up on them, which is how I found Qoo lol.

Ok onto the issues! Most popup windows are blank. Im not sure if the game is detecting my phones language because the two that did work were in English. Every mushroom is named "dammy" lmao, just got dammy-03 which is named dammy with a description that says dammy. All the logs are dammy. The store has correct names.

The half English content is kind of frustrating because why not go full English? We still love you on the other side of the world and want to give you money! There are no Nameko games with in app purchases available for North America on the Google Play Store, you're missing a huge huge market. North Americans are still obsessed with cute things from Japan, just look at the subscriber count on any popular Japan focused English language YouTube channel. Abroad In Japan has 2.8 million subscribers, thats 2.8 million opportunities for you to make money lol. Do the developers even read these? Am i yelling at clouds like an old man? [微笑]

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