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To be honest this game was kinda disappointing how Bandai is running this game. Even tho it’s kinda getting better the game is still suffering a bit. But the gameplay and graphics are pretty good I enjoy that a lot. But the gacha side. Well let’s just say it’s Bandai so we all know how it is. Rates were okay. Sadly when the game released there was no pity at all. But lucky there is now but it’s kinda expensive cus it’s Bandai. I really hope this game gets better cus I honestly was hyped for it but now I’m just disappointed but still if you enjoy sao try out the game it’s not that bad but it could be better.

I enjoyed this game. Even tho it was a crash grab from Bandai to make as much money as possible. But I enjoyed the art so much and its animation cus most of it was very good. I enjoyed the basic gameplay but it did get boring especially cus the developers wouldn’t release a new game mode. But the game lack a lot of issues. And was never fixed cus the developers weren’t in touch with its community at all. No communication from them for stuff we wanted fixed. Gacha side was horrible. There was literally no pity at all. So you just had to depend on your luck, F2p and whales. The game was semi F2p. It was pretty hard tho to getting a lot of multis saved because there would be many banners coming out and since there was no pity you would most likely get shafted or be lucky and get the character with all you had saved.

Sadly this is the only global Naruto game Bandai has put when I post this. But the game isn’t that bad. It has been getting better with F2p side with missions and stuff. There is very hype characters they been releasing. But honestly they have such good art and I love that. But the gameplay is alright. But it gets pretty bland when you been playing the game for a while. But if you enjoy naruto then try this game out.

Very good game. I will say that the game does suffer cus it’s a Bandai game. And you know how Bandai treats their mobile gacha games. To be honest I’m really not a big fan of sao in general for the manga or show but I still enjoyed this game. The game was semi F2p. A lot of events you could do to get cubes, Story mode and pvp. I would say what I liked of this game was the animation. The mixture of 2d models with 3d Effects/ maps. It was always my favorite thing to know about this game. I’m a bit disappointed the game will be gone but I’m glad I was able to enjoy this game with the time I had back then.

One piece Bounty Rush. Where do I start with this game. Well first I’m gonna start with the good stuff about this game. The gameplay is 4 vs 4 Capture a point. But In the game it’s called capture a treasure. The gameplay is very nice and very enjoyable in some matches but it’s very nice to have a game like this with this kind of gameplay cus to be honest a lot of people like this type of gameplay. An example is Tf2 capture the control point there’s a lot of people who like a game mode like that. The game can be nice on its anniversary events. To give 100 Rainbow diamonds and more from login or gifts from the devs or Twitter milestones. Game has a lot of one piece characters which is always nice to see. But the bad side of this game is. There’s a lot of hackers and the problem barely gets fixed. But I do respect the devs for doing something sometimes when they do. But they barely do much. It’s seems like the devs barely listen to the community. Cus there’s been a lot of stuff like the hackers and stuff asked and they barely listen. And honestly since this game is a gacha game that’s what counts most. And it’s pretty bad. The most broken character that are called ex. Their rates are a joke. And you must be asking yourself well they are the most broken so of course they will have mid rates. That I understand. But some when they released barely have any guaranteed. Lucky it seems like Bandai is calming down with the how High expensive they are. But one time an ex luffy wasn’t guaranteed with rainbow diamonds, and instead a lot of real money to get him. And there would be whales where they waste so much money and actually never get an ex which is like wow. But honestly if you like A Capture a point flag with one piece characters then go for it. But remember you will suffer this game gacha side.

Princess connect Re:Dive is an enjoyable game. Good story for the game. And really helps you to be interested into watching the anime. Voice acting and such. And hey if you like konosuba then you probably like this show. This is basically Konosuba but calmer version. But man I love the animation for characters skills especially pri fest characters. The game can be F2p and you can most definitely reach pity for banner without wasting a dollar sometimes. I’m not sure if they do this now for global when I post this but on Jp. They have a timed beginner pri fest banner for beginners which is always nice honestly. I do recommend this game if you want to check it out.

Decent game. Very F2p game. There’s a lot to do. Grind a lot of story mode. Play Events and More. But it does get a bit annoying in some parts of weapons grinding and such. But not a bad danmachi game. Wright flyer aren’t bad developers they can really be nice and make the game enjoyable. The gameplay isn’t for all but I still recommend trying it out. Especially on anniversary.

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