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Nothing interesting to see here, just an average person having a hard time living.
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Nothing interesting to see here, just an average person having a hard time living.
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Idoly Pride | English


I had a really huge expectation for this game. I never thought that the company who published "guitar girl" which the game that I love, would do so terrible at handling Idoly Pride. First of all, the gacha rates are bad/terrible. Second, the gameplay is quite boring considering you'll progress just by watching mv's and fixing your idol team layout. Lastly, you can't undo/redo the decisions you make on sms or messages, since the translations are poorly done and there are negative decisions that would make the idol feel bad, it makes the game really frustrating, negative messages shouldn't even be there in the first place. This is just the release of the english version so these might be fixed someday, but I doubt these will be fixed. So far my experience isn't that great about the game. Though, my experience may be different from other players and I'm not saying you shouldn't play this game, rather, try and see it for yourself.
Edit: *sigh* at least fix a few bugs and lags before releasing a big event. I'll try to come back after a year or so, it just doesn't feel really captivating to play this kind of game currently with bad translations and poor handling, I don't want to rate it lower than it is right now.

Arknights | Japanese


I liked the game a lot, however, I believe it needs more improvement as it stands. The gameplay is pretty nice, but not everyone can finish a later stage without a guide, at some point it becomes frustrating. The limited operator spark isn't intended for f2p players because the requirement is too high, but aside from that, it's still my favorite game so far and I'm expecting a lot in the future.

Tokimeki Idol


I haven't read the story yet since it's on japanese and I have to use a translator, so I don't know what's the story about. It's also abandoned and I doubt there will be further updates so it will keep us company for a month at most, in my opinion. It's a gacha, an idol, and an offline game, what more could I ask for? The game doesn't lag most of the time and the characters are awesome! But what made me to like the game the most, are the songs, they're enjoyable along with the charts, it's really good to listen to, and the amount of the songs are enough to keep me occupied. I hoped for an english version though.

This game is probably the brightest idol game I've ever played, I rarely encounter a problem! the songs, story, and characters makes me really interested to play the game. The gamelay never fails to make me have fun, the charts and songs are really superb.
The only problems I've come accross is the slightly complex slide notes, but you'll get used to it. You'll also miss a lot of pretty limited cards that probably won't come back, as well as the short time limit to obtain the card in event so it might bring you frustration so beware.

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Regarding my game reviews, I might've offended some players by rating their favorite game low and I'm really sorry if I did. I respect other people's opinions about games and I assure you that my revuews purely came from my own experience. When I get the chance, I'll try to change my rating when some problems have been fixed on games that I review.  Read Note
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