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typical gacha game

A decent game with good content and great graphics. If you're looking for another gacha game to play, let it be this one.

A decent idle game with a very DC/Marvel comic style.

Sacred Blade


TripleChain repurposed. The gameplay is still solid despite feeling a little dated. General improvements in the graphics department, especially with the character illustrations but the UI could use a little more brush up.

Archer: Danger Phone


Danger Phone

simple gameplay with leaderboard rankings for friends and global. Pretty good gameplay overall. Just what youd expect from a Sonic Olympic game




The game has full auto now and speed x2, drastically makes the game feel easier to handle when farming for things. The difficulty is still there, but at least now it feels more manageable


I really want to say that this is a great game but I can't. It's not a terrible game, but there are many aspects of the game that seems to be made slower on purpose.

The general combat can be fun if you're into real-time strategy games, but the story missions where you have quick-time events are just unbearable.

The game generally has quite a high difficulty curve, which means most stages will require some time even if you have several decent units.

The game does look absolutely stunning though.

Hands down one of the best mobile game with blacksmithing! The gameplay is simple but you have a really hands-on and unrestricted blacksmithing experience.

The characters will wield whatever you forge, so you actually see the things you make being used.

This game really reminds me of Seven Knights. The character design is quite nice and the gameplay is decent, but it doesnt really bring anything new to the table.

A very soothing game. Just watching the animals wander around the iceberg is a good enough reason to play.

The idle tapper element of the game can be quite boring, but you can generate vitality (currency) for upgrades automatically.

definitely going to keep this just to watch the animals.

Cans Breaker


Pretty much everything you'd expect from a "paper toss" like mobile game. Not much new innovation here, but it still kills time.

The game has a lot of ads though...

Meh, fun at first but gets repetitive really quickly

Not a bad MMO. If you read the light novel series, then you'll pick up on several references as you play the game.

Quests and the Combat System works pretty much like most MMO games. The main selling point of the game is with the class system which has a jobless class that allows players to change into special classes as they progress. Soecial classes can be obtained by fulfilling different requirements. This can be hard to complete if you dont understand Korean.

Hopefully a global version will be released. The language barrier restricts players from being able to play as freely as they intended.

Holy Sword Survival


Quite unique for a survival game. Asides from surviving, you also have to gather materials to upgrade your weapon. The game doesnt save, how well you score depends on what weapon you're using when you die.

World Flipper | Japanese


If you forget the fact that the game requires VPN, it honestly is a great game. You can play it casually on the side or you can build teams to take on more challenging content like the boss fights with other players online.

Behind the simple pinball gameplay and pixel graphics, the game packs a lot of value you don't usually find in similar games.

Drop The Zombie


Drop zombies and watch them take out innocent people. Fun at first, but gets repetitive really quickly. Good for quick breathers, but not something I can play for a long period of time.

Simple and fun. My advice is to read through the short tutorial first since the game doesnt really tell you how to play. Still, I would definitely recommend giving this a try!

BLADE XLORD | Japanese


If it wasnt for the fact that it requires VPN, this would really be a great game. The combat feels quite good in hand, even though the 3D models dont really live up to the 2D illustrations.

Equipping different weapons makes actually changes the weapons your character is holding, which in many cases affected what weapons I chose to use (looks > everything).

Really looking forward to a non-VPN version

Easily one of the best mobile gacha game of 2019. You want pretty graphics? They got it. You want deep gameplay? They kinda got it. You want PvP? They got it too.

Rates can be pretty terrible at times, but honestly, the game gives you a lot of free stuff, and you get SSR tickets once a week just from daily log in.

You don't even need to like The 7 Deadly Sins to enioy the game, although watching it wouldnt hurt.

Advice: Buy the SR tickets with gold coins. It has given me so many SSRs!

Blue Island


Surprisingly not a lot of blue...

Pretty much a very typical idle game but with almost none of the tiny variations to make you wanna stay. A part of me wants to keep playing to see if they really put a blue island at the end, but a bigger part of me is telling me to let it go.

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