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Quildren/Kanaetai (EN/JP)
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Quildren/Kanaetai (EN/JP)
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Wind Boys!


Amazing character designs!! I love the characters and gameplay!! I've always loved music games! Ever since discovering this game I've looked and looked! Finally found it and I immediately downloaded it! No regret!! absolutely love it

#COMPASS Live Arena


Love the collabs they do! the one that got me to try it was Kanae's (vtuber) collab!! Ive loved music games for around 5-6 years now. I would say I'm good at them, but not the best. This music game was fun and the maps were interesting too!! I really like the 3D affect, not just 2d!!

Touch me! Gudetama 4


Very chill game! love it!! Gudetama is so cute too!!

World Dai Star


I love it! overall, the gamesplay is simple and similar to Project Sekai(pjsk), which I've played for more than 3 years now. I love the characters, cute designs! The music is nice too!! I just think the music when playing could be louder. Everything else is good! <33 Oh-! and I'm not sure if this is just me! I just want to warn you, playing this messed my playing for pjsk for a few plays. I'd say I'm not bad, not the best but above average when it comes to playing music games (been playing them for over 5+ years) I love the game though!

Ngl though, still loyal to pjsk... I still prefer pjsk

Genshin Impact


This have is really fun and has great graphics. I love the characters!! They come out with new ones too! and the places are so beautiful! If I had a complaint, I would ask for either more resin, a trading system, or making older characters more powerful to keep up with the new ones. It's a common issue in games like Genshin, they make the newer characters more powerful so people buy them, but the older characters cant't keep up! I absolutely love Keqing, she's a queen. But she cant compare to a character like Raiden, because Keqing came out earlier. Less powerful..PLEASE FIX THIS MIHOYO

I use this app like 2-3hrs+ a day. I dont feel too close and rarely if at all text my friends in life. I'm not allowed to have other social media, so I tried discord. I've made so many irreplaceable friends and met some amazing people! I also found many people with exactly the same interests as me. I love this app, I cant live without it. So much fun and gives me life. Without it, my social life would be absolutely 0, zer o.

None of my friends have line, but I use it to communicate with my family in Asia. We visit Asia a lot, especially Taiwan and our texts dont work as we come from America. Line is used everywhere in Asia, so we use it to communicate together! Its simple, fun, and easy! I love customizing my profile and even adding stories! The emojis and stickers are so cute too!!!! Overall, I just love this app! Been using it for years and years!

LINE Webtoon


I read webtoon everyday, not a single day passes and I dont open the app. It has so many genres, its simple and easy to understand, and is very fun and entertaining! I have around 50+ subscription manga, manhwa, comics, etc. LOVE WEBTOON!! And unlike other apps, you can read all the way up to the released episodes without paying!!! They censor inappropriate topics too!! I dont have to worry about weird hentai ads that websites may have. Its the best app for binge reading or even chill and light reading!!

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


Ok, soo personally. I LOVE IDOLISH7 WITH ALL MY HEART. I've spent hundreds of dollars on merch and movies and manga. The game is amazing, I love the songs and lore/stories. I absolutely love the characters, so freaking much. All 16 of em. My very very best #1 anime, game, music, everything is just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ If they had an English version, please let me know!!!! I'm waiting for one!!! I understand and can speak Japanese, but unfortunately cannot read the Kanji or Katakana (Hiragana is ok tho) THANK YOU AINANA FOR APPEARING IN THE WORLD. It made my world light up, and gave my life meaning. (no joke)

I've always been a BIG fan of idols. Especially Japanese idols. I also love anime and music games. This game is exactly these combined. It has an anime (which is AMAZING btw, so check it out!) and the songs are so cool! My favorite group would be Valkyrie or Knights. (and Rabb*ts!) Those three groups are my absolute favorite! WATCH THE ANIME! MASTERPIECE !

Pixel Petz


I like it. Its chill and fun, but definitely be careful of scams. Also make sure to know your pets' worth, since a lot of people will over price. A bunch of people spend money on this game, personally I dont. But it just makes it a little harder to get the coins and gems. Its not that hard, really. Maybe just time consuming. Overall, I really like this game and have been playing it for some time now ^^

Hello Kitty World 2


I really love this game! Its really cute!! As a BIG Sanrio fan, especially the Little Twin stars, this game is one of my top favorites! Personally, I feel like the Little Twin Stars are underrated, so I'm really happy when I could personalize my world and add some Little Twin Star buildings

As someone who's still learning volleyball, I really love this game. I've been learning volleyball for a year now, but I still struggle with timing. I feel like this game kinda gives me an idea of when to time. Although I know it wont be 100% acurate, it still helps even a little. This game is also very fun! Its quite annoying having an ad after every game though.

I personally LOVE this game! Its always been one of my favorite games ever. However, my only complaint is the gacha. Personally I only aim to get Toya cards, but its annoying and time-consuming to get 3,000 points just to get a 10 pull. Overall though, I really love the game! Its gacha percentage is a LOT better than the EN server ^^

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Recommend! This game, is so freaking fun! I loved the anime, and as someone who LOVES music games. i decided to try this game. took not too long to adjust from pjsk to enstars.  Read Note
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