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Dislyte | Global


i love it [開心]

I really enjoy this game. The graphics, the music and the characters are fascinating. The story is slowly being added so you won't feel overwhelmed and that way you'd like to read it (I love it so far and I'm patiently waiting for the next chapter). I cannot say anything about the gacha because I've been saving for Vil's birthday which is coming soon and haven't tried summoning yet except for some SR cards but I cannot base it on that. The only thing that you may not enjoy that much is the gameplay because it becomes repetitive and may bore you a little bit. All in all, this is a top tier game according to me at least. [開心]

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Now Loading screen problem After a live I get the "now loading" screen and it never loads... i need to restart the game but then it doesn't count as cleared. This happened since lauch and that's why i didn't play the game as I thought it was a bug but sadly it's not... [為什麼]
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