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Play a lot of games, but not all are downloaded through this lol
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Play a lot of games, but not all are downloaded through this lol
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I love the different combat system! Most games have a team of four/five characters fighting four/five enemies, or have combat like Genshin, or FFVII (not turn based, you just beat up all the enemies at your leisure). Kemono Friends combat is more akin to Angry Birds; you launch the Friend, they attack, the enemies attack, then you can launch the next Friend. The launched Friends stay on the field, and attack every turn!

Honkai: Star Rail


Super fun - I love turn based combat games! It lags occasionally, and crashes once a day (its really weird; I'll play for any amount of time, usually short, and the game will crash and close. But if i re-enter, it wont crash for the rest of the day.), but other than that I've had no issues with it!

Tales Noir


It lags a bit, but seems to run pretty smoothly overall.

Personally, I didn't enjoy playing it. It was very laggy, and every time I did one of the Dungeon things, I'd have to pray I could swap to a (hopefully empty) server before the game crashed and booted me.

Aesthetically, I enjoyed it! The animals were cute, the clothing options weren't wide when I first started, but I never was able to afford anything after I was essentially free from the tutorial. I couldn't mix and match pants and shirts/dresses, but I was alright with that because one of the Dresses was cute enough by itself, imo. I wasn't expecting so many customization options at the beginning, and I'm actually quite pleased none of the clothing was locked behind the character creation.

Livly Island


The game is really cute! There's a ton of pets, with special potions that can change their forms slightly! From changing horns, fluff, eye effects (looking at you, Gremlin), the changes vary from slightly to very noticeable.
My only problem is that after you reach around level 25, it gets really grindy. You'll have to log on and do your daily missions, and get honestly disappointing rewards. You go from pulling x10 in the gacha all Willy Nilly, to not even pulling weekly. You'd think that 200 gold for a single pull is managable, but you don't even get that for a day of missions. Much less the 2,000 for a 10 pull. And new Gacha's are coming out every other week. The gacha's vary, and typically have two catagories per gacha you can pull in. Island, Hom (outfits for your character, aka your Hom), Livly (accessories for your Livlies). It can be any combination of the three, but it's usually Island + Hom, or Hom + Livly, with the former being the most common gacha type.

Other than that, it's a really cute game! You can even change the colour of your Livly based on what feed you give it. There is also a Monthly Riddle Card, designed for Osanpo (Think of it as the Multiplayer Hub), that gives you 2,000 gold when solved. There's also really handy Boards - anyone can publish in any section, and even other Player Boards. The trading is really common, and most people follow the 1UR/2R/4C rule, or some variation - try to make sure what rules they personally follow before making an offer, it may help.

Hello Kitty World 2


I love the gameplay style - match three. The characters give you little booster moves when they're fully powered up.
It's a little expensive as a f2p, and I can't imagine how expensive it would be for anyone paying more than once or twice. I've only been playing for a few days, and I've already completed the first map, and got two 3 star characters. Three stars is the highest rarity, and the hardest to obtain.

Edit// I've been playing for a few months now, and i still have a similar opinion as stated above. I have the Storyline Rating in the middle, because (it being a Japanese game) it has no translation to English, or any other language. I cant speak or read Japanese, and just recognize a few phrases when the characters audibly speak.

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