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She / Them! Should you be caught in a timeless dream, At school will chat later
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She / Them! Should you be caught in a timeless dream, At school will chat later
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Genshin Impact


Great Game [開心]
I've been a genshin player since almost release! I've been a very avid player but lately i haven't opened it that much because lack of content or just have no motivation to open it. Its basically repetitive if you're an endgame player with nothing to do but your abyss, commissions or exploration. It feels like a chore

Character design are a bit questionable? and need more representation tbh [大哭] Fandom is meh can be good or bad depending on which side you interact. Story does get dragged on with some quest, Some characters have boring story quest that makes you feel bored. Wish there was endgame content, Events are either fun (windtrace) or boring. Although those aside, SUPER AMAZING SOUNDTRACK [哇噻][哇噻] I really love listening to the soundtrack of sumeru or the character soundtrack it sounds so good! That's all!

this game ate my storage [大哭] still a good game though

Awesome Game! Gameplay is alright, Card designs are okay. Songs are beginner friendly with rankings like easy normal hard. Pretty easy to navigate! Overall I enjoy this game a lot, Its a pretty good time killer[開心][開心]

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uft! still looking! if : jpsekai accounts ( mostly want niigo/wxs blessed ) can be multi 
note : I don't have discord [大哭]
strictly ngf! its my main account ( check my other post for other info ) 
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