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Just Touhou
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Just Touhou
Game Comments (3)

A great touhou bullethell mobile games out there for sure, with all the bosses from Touhou 6 to Touhou 16, Alice Margatroid (PC-98 era) as extra stage and Mima as phantasm stage. Hoped they can add bosses after touhou 16 too in the future.

Gameplay is quite smooth even in lunatic difficulty and stage design for example stage backgrounds, bosses sprites and bullet pattern/colours were all very well done. Game mechanism wise is very forgiving even for lunatic(maybe just for me?) where players were given 3 lives with each lives have 3 bombs at the start of each battle, not including other resources gain in the middle of the battle and also the continue(s).

BGM wise after listen again and again, still prefer the original version made by ZUN. This game also doesn't need you to pay/watch ads to unlock stages that you want to play, though some boss stages like extra or phantasm you need to reach requirements like clearing previous stage (th 6-16) to unlock it, meaning you need to grind and clear if you want higher challenging content.

Overall, really great experience from playing this game. This game does not say fully follows the original franchise games, but it at least has 90% similarity to it.

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


(Congrats for returning back on Steam, definitely worth buying it after release, wish this time will be better than the mobile version and could bring more attention to both new and old fans.)

Despite being really bad in rhythm game, this is the only rhythm games that I played for the longest and really liked alot.

Graphics are absolutely fantastic and smooth at the same time. Musics is of course the best selling point when comes to Touhou rhythm game(who doesn't like Touhou Music anyways??) with tons of variety of musics from famous doujin circle to choose from, like Yuuhei Satellite, COOL&CREATE, IOSYS, Alstroemeria Records and many more. Difficultly wise is reasonable with 4 different difficulties option to choose from.

Apart from that, gacha rate in the game is also reasonable as others games despite being a Gacha game, which I really don't like this type of games so much. Maybe the games doesn't get as much attention because the Gacha system that was implemented into a rhythm game, which I think is inappropriate as rhythm game where you need to collect a lot of cards just to play rhythm games???(though this is the only way for the devs to make their income where they still need to pay for importing many songs into the games, which is not a small amount when you talking about money. Which here is where the awkward position Danmaku Kagura gotten themselves into) Another factor that might causes this game didn't get much attention is the limitations of in-game language. Yes, only Japanese is available, which is quite a pain for people like me to sometimes need to translate or learn Japanese.

Overall, a excellent touhou rhythm game. Although the mobile is permanently closed, still really hyped to see the steam version, Danmaku Kagura:Phantasia Lost, which they removed the Gacha system along with more language options like English and Chinese to choose other than just Japanese, which in this way the game could get more attention for global players.[開心]

Touhou Madouroku


Best touhou bullethell for mobile out there with all the original gamestyle, spellcards and songs for most of the bosses(unseen bosses will be added in near future) you can find in the official touhou game.

- support 60 fps without needing a high specs devices
- offers customization for the title screen and BGMs
- has built in global ranking system without having to login/signup Googleplay
- also has individual spellcards ranking system
- always has new update weekly for new bosses/stages or improving the in-game system.

- Need watch ads to gain points to unlock stage (although this is the only one way for the dev to earn what they worked hard for, so please support them by just watching the ads. Alright? They didn't ask you spend your money to play their game!)
- Too few shotypes for playable characters. (Although there's currently 3 playable characters which are Reimu, Marisa and Sanae only. More playable character could be hoped for future.)

For gameplay mechanics:
Since the game uses one-life mechanism gameplay, it's definitely very difficult to play on a mobile device. Especially for lunatic stages which some of it is absurdly difficult/likely impossible to clear due to the phone's structure, where you can't rotate fast enough around the screen and eventually lost. However, even with this one-life mechanism, easy and normal stage is still great for beginners and have the all stages balanced well enough for players to clear it.

If you're finding a good bullethell game on mobile that you can play for 5 or 10 mins during for free time or even wants to challenge players around the world to beat the hardest spell/stage, this is definitely the best you can get here.

In summary, recommend to play easy/normal if just for killing your free time, and hard mode for bullethell experienced players which willing to spend some time to clear the harder ones, and lunatics for world record scorerunners.

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