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i play games of any language, mainly what i will review is english and japanese games.
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i play games of any language, mainly what i will review is english and japanese games.
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if you dont know japanese, you might struggle a bit with this game as it has a lot of speaking to it at the start so you might struggle on knowing where to go, i was able to play it just fine knowing a bit.

the graphics had kind of a pixel style to it on the characters (not in the text box) and honestly i really liked the graphics and style of the game, the sound really matched the atmostphere like when you were walking past creepy characters that looked like threats the music had a dark atmostphere to it. The gameplay was good but its more rich on storyline which was very enjoyable and my favourite character was probably the one i played as and as for the game itself alltogether, really good and i think deserves more attention.

Survivor's Guilt


It is probably possible to play this if you do not speak japanese, i am not fluent myself but could get around it quite easily.

In this game, you are basically stuck in an elevator and you need to keep up stats and do different things to survive (if i remember correctly being sleep, hygene and hunger)

Graphics were good, especially was good in the dark elevator rather than light

Sound fit the setting/area you were in, i have no problems or issue with the sound used

Gameplay was okay, but it can get boring easily as all it is being stuck on an elevator increasing stats.

Storyline i cannot give an opinion about because i didnt understand most of the text.

Overall, this was a good game but i wouldnt reccommend for people that like alot of action happening because really all it is is being stuck in one place where you can do different things in attempt to get out.

Specimen Zero


Quite a normal horror, it was a very entertaining game to play especially with friends. Graphics were high quality and awesome, few adverts but not suring gameplay, just to create a server so it doesnt get in your way at all.

No storyline to it, really you just get put in this random room and you escape. No backstory to it.

Sound was used very well, for the monsters sound was probably the best there.

The monster designs were pretty good, they matched the scary, dark atmostphere.

Also, you get to choose between quite a few difficulties so its not too difficult or too easy which i liked. I completed this on normal.

If your into something horror-themed to play with friends, i would definetely consider downloading it.

This is a japanese game, you will probably need to know atleast some hirigana because there is alot of speech, it takes a while to actually get into the gameplay but not too much, the main character we play as is very likeable, and the game overall is a really good fighting game.

Character designs were awesome, no flaws in them to comment about really. Super likeable characters.

Controls were easy, i play on mobile its just your basic joystick so its easy to get the hang of the conrols. Feels like there needs ro be more language selection but other than that all good.

Sound and music really was brill, fit the atmostphere very well depending on where you were.

Gameplay was good, you get to move around and do some fighting which is easy at first.

The game is mostly storyline, which was very interesting and would reccommend for anyone that likes some good storyline.

Not to mention, had a very good background selection. For example, inside buildings were very fitting.

Overall, if you were to download this game you might need to learn some hirigana first but you can probably find where your going without reading. Reccommend to anyone that likes story and fighting games.

Class of the Living Dead


The game is just story, no issue with that. It has a really good storyline and i really enjoyed playing this.

Graphics were awesome, not really an issue with them.

Sound was awesome, especially the music and stuff like that was really enjoyable.

Gameplay was pretty good, i liked how you got to choosw your options for some stuff (Sometimes have to use gems)

Storyline was rich, it was really interesting and i was hooked to see what would happen next

Overall, I think anyone who likes long story games, such as ddlc and stuff like that would enjoy this game. Reall cool game keep up the good work.

Blackout : Sightless Home


Honestly had to replay this a few times because i was really shit at it, but honestly was entertaining and enjoyable.

Graphics - honestly were pretty good, the game had some nice graphics. I dont really have much to say about them, but really enjoyed the atmostphere.

Sound - sounds were honestly awesome, i think the music box music was pretty enjoyable but can get annoying after a while.

gameplay - gameplay was super, i really enjoyed playing this game and i would reccommend it for anyone that likes horrors. The atmostphere really fit the scary mood, especially loved when the TV was static and the room was red with furniture moving. Really good 3rd player game.

Overall opinion : If you like some nice third player horror games to play, this one i would reccommend.

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