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Touch the notes is really hard

I don't understand too much this game. The idea of ​​a vertical rock rhythm game was really nice. The problem is that making songs is detached from the rest of the game. The beat map isn't different from other rhythm games. You go up doing the lessons. Leveling up the characters is very long. Maybe for a Japanese who loves reading stories it's nice, because it's full of them. You could have done better all in all, maybe even some videos or make idol dance during the song would have been a good idea. May be i will uninstall.[為什麼]

Disney Twisted Wonderland


I have been waiting for this game for centuries. I hope for a game feature where the characters sing and dance while you press the buttons!

Pls, can you fix the problem? When i try to install it, download send me " apk fils are invalid". I try to install them whit storage, but it doesn't start. what must i do?
i want play again...

i love It![色色]
the game can you chose a lot of male Idol![賣萌]
i don't know which chose![開心]

Boyfriend (β) sparkle


really cute![開心][開心][開心]

i don't know how this game like at people.[為什麼]
It's rate 4.8, but it's cheap about graphics, songs and game play.[暈]
While, other rhythm game close for nothing reason...[發怒]
So i don't like this game.[發火]



i love this game, i hope It become famous![開心]

SuperStar SMTOWN | Korean








i don't want It close [大哭]

Tokyo 7th Sister


I hope this game will recover. Because it takes up all the energy to do the daily missions, which I would like to use to make the songs. The events are a little complicated from my point of view. Collecting gems and drawing cards is very difficult, the ratings are low. It's really a shame because this game is really beautiful, the songs, the idols, the videos and the drawings are beautiful![色色][大哭]

Now the game is change, so it is really good and amazing! i love this change! i hope it grow and make more beautiful

[色色] i don't want It closed!
It is a very lovely game! [色色]



Yumeiro Cast


Why you want closed this game!? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. My little Subaru, i wanted to play with him too, i don't want say "goodbye" forever ... [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]

Tsukino Paradise



IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


after a while the game becomes repetitive. Events don't make sense because they don't give you cards with the greatest rarity, it's full of missions to do. Raising the cards is long, expensive and boring. The game forces you to do the same songs over and over again at different difficulty and specific cards are always required to do the events. If it weren't for the videos at every song and especially for Nagi, I would uninstall it.

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I love idols and music![開心] Read Note
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