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Noctyx stan Heya!
Jinn 82675980

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Noctyx stan Heya!
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Joining for the graphics? Do it. Worth it

Stray Cat Towers


Chill game, pretty good to play casual

Purenista M | Global


Amazing creative possibilities, I took out some from gameplay for the downside of social networking acess to underaged players but overall the perfect game. You get choice of bgm, the scene editing's really versatile and most if the players are really nice. There are quite a gap in trading between p2w and f2p but they allowed f2p to get like 3 tickets per month now and even if your luck's usually not very good, you too can experience a bit of the p2w experience. Very much recommended

Love the diverse styles, would like to see some other scene editing functions like zooming in or rotating avatar



I don't care abt gameplay, graphic or whatnot I see the interface and I sped click lmao



I love the graphics and animation, got me staring every dialogue
Sound's really nice

Cadria Item Shop


Really cozy atmosphere, chill gameplay, I haven't played much but I can say that it's rly nice

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Please release the eng ver I'm begging[大哭] I don't understand jp at all and this looks so fun (`□`) Read Note
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