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In case anyone wondering, This game's now can be downloaded from it's github page. due to it's currently in heavy development process and it's current focus is desktop-first, Do not expect much update for mobile platform yet.

The Lobby character feels rather robotic, character expressions and 3D poses looks a bit stiff. the dance is more like they put the original Anime 2D keyframes into 3D space.

But, the gameplay is unique and I think it's great, The storyline feels somewhat original, well composed songs and BGMs, Gacha have a good UR rate than other games (at least on me, I already have 4 URs in my first 14 days), Characters have good 3D models and textures too. And they managed to put and optimize several console-grade post processing effects into a mobile game. I gave a 8.4/10 for this game.

Tokimeki Idol


The song feels more Idol-ish than some other idol games. Sadly, It's offline now. and my phone have trouble with varied input latency between rhythm game session in this game even in 2D.

Apa cuma gue yang main tanpa memperdulikan SSR dan cuma ngikutin cerita?

btw, sampe mau kelar Solomon ini SSR gw cuma Si Gajah ama Osakabehime 😏.

I expect a WW version since they also releases a KR version. except for a special exception.

Well, I think this game needs a WW (worldwide) version 😀. Overally good, The only problem that it lowers gameplay rendering screen size when it comes to LIVE session on lower devices (on both 3D and 2D mode, i think it's to maintain game FPS and Input latency)

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Did anyone experience the same problem? My live party always ended with everyone losing their connection. maybe they kicked me off live because of my non-JP IP? (I'm Indonesian) 
FYI, I CANNOT use VPN, the game kicked me back to splash screen when I use any VPN.
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