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The gameplay is fun but do I see myself playing this for months to come? Nah, not really. There are (very) short stories on the home page which are occasionally funny but definitely not anything with enough substance that would make me keep playing to read them. The object of and presumably the reward for playing the game is to collect screenshots which also occasionally give you power boosts once you collect enough duplicates. I find it extremely ironic that they shut down Hesokuri Wars yet give screenshots from it in this game as a reward. lol

Cute, otome adjacent game where you act as a manager for the Matsuno bros. in an AU where they are aspiring talent at the agency you work for. Totally free to play as long as you're patient and not the type that powers through everything in one sitting. You're given 30 points of in game currency each day (15 of those are from watching ads) which is enough to complete 2 episodes a day. I've only played through Karamatsu's route so far, and while story and writing aren't exactly groundbreaking, it's cute and I laughed out loud several times. It's not voiced, save from some sound bytes here and there and music can get a little repetitive.

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