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A girl with no point jn living yet she's still here, playing some dating games mindlessly
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A girl with no point jn living yet she's still here, playing some dating games mindlessly
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Japanese music player. Nothing more to say other than it also have some vtuber asmr on it too. The whole app is in japanese but u can still kinda wander around it and find the way. Song will start after a couple second after u click on it too.

Somnus : Nonogram


Its ur everyday Nonogram puzzle game. Graphic is really pretty and ost is soothing too (though i think the ad just kill the chillness sometimes). The story is progressed quite slowly since u have to complete all 25 tile before unlocking it. There is also a non story mode, which is ok. Quite a good game to kill some time and use ur brain i guess.

Pastel Girl


cute dress up game. the graphics are cute. the colors are pleasing. They update more items sometimes.
Overall definitely a great game to just pass ur time.

Nice collections of male voices. A lot to choose, but it's hard to collect coins to buy more voices. First voice pack for each boy is free though, and there's a lot of them. You need to wait for them to finish speaking before activating another voiceline. Arts are nice. Their voices are pleasing.

Overall a pretty nice game if u dont mind watching a lot of ads for coins.

Nice game. The girls are cute. There's event updated regularly. Gameplay's nice. I think it's good that we can play without life boost, there's a rehearsal mode too but its pretty useless lol. Stars are sometimes given for free during some big event, and u can get some by reading stories. Cards are pretty. Sometime they give free pull. idk about the gacha system but 10 pulls r garanteed 3 ☆.

basically perfect :3

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