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Aether Gazer | Global


Mobile: ASUS ROG PHONE 6 PRO - Playing at Ultra Graphics
PC: Asus Tuf Gaming 3070 LD Player Emulator - Ultra Graphics

This game could have been fantastic, but it clearly has so many flaws that it provides a poor user experience.

Yostar clearly botched the launch. There aren't enough ads to promote the game's release, and 500k total downloads isn't a great start. I mean, the fact that they couldn't even afford to release some redeem codes is one of the reasons they don't acknowledge that they messed up so badly.

The number of bugs, overlapping voice lines, clunky enemy lock feature, character animation bugs, static rendering and T-pose, and disappointing QTE system that's actually an auto feature in disguise all contribute to a negative user experience.

Not to mention that every character resembles a bootleg version stolen from two game companies, Kuro Games PGR and Mihoyo's Honkai Impact.

The only thing I like about this game right now is the sound and background music; they slap hard and the voice actors did a good job; they have a great cast of voice actors/actresses for the characters. Yui Ishikawa, Tomokazu Sugita, and many others.

In terms of value, it's your standard action hack n slash gacha game genre with generic packs, nothing special.

Honkai: Star Rail


PC: ASUS TUF Gaming. Max Graphics.

TLDR: Genshin but in space. Generic story line with generic turn based gameplay disguised with beautiful graphics and big voice acting Japanese casts.

Long review below,

Hello fellow Honkai Star Rail players,

I wanted to take a moment to express my disappointment with Mihoyo's business policy on their games, Mihoyo is basically DENUVO. It's frustrating to see that they have adapted the same business model used in Genshin Impact, an open world game, and applied it to Honkai Star Rail, a turn-based game. This is really unusual, a turn-based idle game with ridiculous low rates.

I wouldn't be surprised if they used the same business model for their upcoming game, ZENLESS ZONE ZERO. Mihoyo is indeed a big corporation so everyone's blind to the issues, because Mihoyo.

The low rates and lack of opportunities to obtain the characters and items I want have made the game feel more like a chore than a fun experience. I believe this decision has impacted the game's balance and its players' enjoyment, leading to a possible and potential decrease in the game's player base, especially it being a turn-based game. Hence the criticisms.

I already gave up on Mihoyo listening to their customers, as a player who actually spends on games (PGR, Project Sekai, Eversoul, PSO2), I still hope that Mihoyo will listen to feedback and consider adjusting their business policy to fit Honkai Star Rail's gameplay style and audience. It's the bad kind of predatory, especially for a turn-based collecting game.

I encourage all of you to share your thoughts and opinions constructively and make your voice heard through feedback channels available.

The game is good, surprisingly great 2D-Style Anime Cell Shaded Graphics. Animations are somewhat mid. A bit clunky. Mechanics are perfect and they utilize the swipe features for special skill activations which is a unique take for a hack and slash game. Perfect dodge is also a feature.

Two things that disappoints me though.

One, a lack of advertisement (the total downloads on PlayStore alone is approximately 10,000+). This might lead the game to shutdown early. I was queueing for another player in the egg hatch matching list, I was waiting for an hour but there were no players at all. There weren't even any rewards or presents for new players.

Two, a lack of voice acting which also affects the immersion in the story line. It's clear that they didn't have much budget which is sad. I mean, our monster loving protagonist would be more lovely if they added more voice lines (I know her works and I'm happy for her, sad that COPL didn't invest much). I even wondered what was that 1.8GB of files that says include voice lines. There weren't.

There are even few notable voice actors in this game but alas, there seems to be no budget.

If you like this game, you could spend but I'd be wary. I feel like this game would shut down.

Spotify Music


This game can be pay to win, depending on your perspective. Free to play players get bombarded with microtransactions every now and then after each stage or sometimes even in a middle of a podc... I mean, event.

Microtransactions can only be disabled if you buy the premium pass.

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What is this "kankaku"? Thirst One word. I love the game. The yuri aspect is too strong and breaches all levels. I think Twincest also exists because of those sisters, lmao.
I mean, I fell in love after these Kara-kun and Haku-chan did it. Goddamn it.
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