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Limbus Company


[ Limbus Company ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide!

⭐ Timestamp ⭐
00:00- I pull 3 star Rodion and E.G.O Qutis with 40 gacha!
00:21- Is Limbus Company worth playing it?
01:08- Best Characters Tier List
05:17- Reroll Guide
05:48- Reroll Tips
06:25- My deeply thought for Limbus Company
07:01- Conclusion

Blue Reflection Sun


[ Blue Reflection Sun ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide!

Valiant Force 2 | Global


[ Valiant Force 2 ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide!

[ Tower of God: Great Journey] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide!

[Fire Force: Enbu no Sho] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide! | [炎炎ノ消防隊][炎舞ノ章][炎舞の章][炎炎炎舞]

[Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown] Tier List & Reroll Guide

Zold:out | Global


[ Zold:out Global ]Best Tier List & Reroll Guide!



[ Eversoul ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide! | [에버소울] [エヴァーソウル] [永恆靈魂]

If you’ve been looking for Eversoul Tier List, then your search ends here, This Eversoul Tier List guide is pretty useful, especially for those that are new to gacha games. With that in mind, in today video I have prepared The Eversoul Tier List and Reroll Guide.

[ FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Mobile ] My gains and losses | [鋼の錬金術師MOBILE ]

To be honest, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Mobile is a conscientious game.

First,After completing the tutorial guide, the system email will send some card materials and rewards for free, which actually includes Random SSR selection,Highlightly, it’s the all characters! unlike some games which only offer some characters which are not in the S tier.And log in everyday, you could get a ton of rewards for free.

Secondly, gameplay part.FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Mobile will be a grid-based turn-based tactical strategy game with Gacha elements, similar to another game made by Square Enix- War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Unlike War of the Visions, however, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Mobile has light exploration elements, where players can explore locations in the game using protagonist Edward Elric in third-person perspective. Players take turns against the enemy moving their units and using their abilities, with attacks being rendered in 3D animation fight sequences, similar to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
In addition,manual control is required to complete tutorial in early game stage, and the auto-battle mode will be unlocked later, which is a very good welfare for players who like fast farm. and for those who like to play strategy-RPG, This game is worth the time to play. because certain events need to be completed by manual, Which means you need to be strategic to get through,not a mindless auto-battle, So the game caters to two groups of players.

Third,gacha part. To be honest, I think the gacha probability is quite high, at least I got a satisfying characters.Like Roy Mustang and Winry Rockbel.And in recently the Christmas banner event is worth pulling,When it comes to judging whether FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Mobile is F2P or not, to be honest,I think it will be friendly to players in early stage.

Fourth,story part. It looks like Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile will follow closely the story of the manga and the anime it is based on. This makes the game a good starting point for anyone who wants to get into Fullmetal Alchemist but doesn’t know where to start. But more importantly, the game lends itself to the perfect opportunity for fans of the series to relive their favorite scenes and moments from the anime with this new game. Of course, iconic characters from the series, both heroes and villains, will be appearing in the game.

In addition,I wanna to talk about a newly released game with the same gameplay—Archeland.I played Archeland a few days ago,in my opinon, Archeland learn from FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST in gameplay. However,If you haven't played FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST before,Playing Archeland is still fascinating for the first time.However, Archeland's biggest problem is the lack of more content gameplay and event right now. In this part, Archeland does not do as well as FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST.Understandably, Archeland is still in the soft-launch stage in Korea region.

Finnaly, cons.Firstly,Release area Restricted.FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Mobile is headed to Android and iOS devices on August 4, 2022 in Japan.The game currently has no Western release date, but I expect Square Enix to give the game a global release sooner than later. In most Square Enix mobile games, the successful ones get a Western release between a couple of months to a year after their Japanese release date. Second,When push through every level, sometimes manual control need to take lots of time. so I like to switch auto-battle mode at this time. However,the disadvantage is that most of the time,the character doesn't have in touch the chest with gacha gold, so I have to watch the battle all the time until the character get close to the chest. and I shall switch auto-battle to manual battle.

In case you’re not familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist, it is an anime and manga series that has sold over 80 million copies worldwide. I suggest you try it out and fall in love with it.Well, That’s above for my frist impression. Thank you so much for read this review.

MokzZ Gaming Channel is dedicated to Providing The Most Professional Gacha Game News and Data Analysis. More highlight contents in

Archeland | Korean


[ Archeland ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide | 아르케랜드 목록 만들기 KOREAN LAUNCH

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00- intro
00:29- Best Tier List Ranking criterion
01:34- Best SS Characters Tier List
07:56- Reroll Guide
08:19- Reroll Tips
08:38- Conclusion

[ Eminence in Shadow ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide | 陰の実力者になりたくて

Neural Cloud | English


[ Neural Cloud ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide | [Girls Frontline Neural Cloud] [ 雲圖計劃 ]

[ Sword Art Online Variant Showdown ] Gameplay, Beginner Tips,Tier List & Reroll Guide | [ SAOVS ]

00:00 - intro
00:32- Story
01:15- Quest
01:48- How This Game Battle
03:01- Tips 1
03:22- Daily quest
04:22- Member
05:14- Character Enhancement
06:03- Ability Card Enhancement
06:31- Events
07:01- Tips 2
08:11- Tips 3
08:34- Scout
09:22- Characters Tier List
12:29- Reroll Guide

Path to Nowhere


[ Path to Nowhere ] Best SSR Tier List & Reroll Guide | 《 無期迷途 》MBCC

💋💋NIKKE 勝利の女神: Best Ass Tier List - WHO IS NIKKE 'S' ASS?💋💋

🌟Youtube Link:

Hey,folks.Welcome to MokzZ Gaming Channel. In today video, we talking about NIKKE ASS Tier List.Here I shall provides a comprehensive overview of the NIKKE ASS Tier List. In this video, you will find who is the NIKKE best ASS. Trust me!

🌟WHO IS ANOTHER NIKKE 'S' TIER LIST? You will get answer after watching this video!

Echocalypse | Japanese


Welcome to MokzZ Gaming Channel.In today video, we talking about how to efficient reroll SSR guides, Redeem-Codes& more when it comes to Echocalypse 緋紅の神約.
Honestly,this game still be Soft- Launch period in 'SEA' and Japan region,not United States.

Echocalypse -緋紅の神約: How To Efficient Way To Reroll SSR,Redeem Codes,Rumor & Big Bug?

Video :

00:00- Intro
01:04- Summary of how to reroll SSR
01:32- Reroll Guides
02:27- Tips 1 & Redeem Codes
05:02- Tips 2
05:22- Recommended Characters
06:00- About Rumor
06:14- About pre-registration reward
06:23- A Big Bug?
07:02- Frist impression

Memento Mori


10 most anticipated upcoming gacha games in 2022

03:33- Mementomori

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