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Honkai: Star Rail


I can't write a review... 💀
The game is nice. Its like a mix of genshin and honkai impact 3rd, but the sad thing is we can't jump and dodge in this game... Well atleast well have infinite stamina on running. Can't wait for more updates about the game.

Though I don't understand the language the game is not that bad. But the download is SUPER long it took about 2 days if not mistaken and just started playing today tho.

I can't get in to the app pls help![大哭][大哭]

THIS GAME IS ADDICTING. Would not recommend to those who don't spend money on games.

The game is good and all but the cards are hard to get. And its kinda hard to get diamonds and it will slowly make you want to spend money. The gameplay is easy if you already kind of mastered other rhythm games even though they have different beatmaps(?). Overall the game is recommendable only if you could keep your sanity and not to get addicted.

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