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Hey,I'm gaming here! Go away!
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Hey,I'm gaming here! Go away!
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Heroes of Crown | English


It's constantly downloading something. just stupid. 😤

KOF: Survival City


Second day in already hitting the paywall. Great 😑



Nothing but trash...😑

S Heroine


since its still unplayable I can't give any decent review,so until then...



I wonder what's the number 3 in the title?! I'm guessing that's how long it takes to see how bad this game is...😑

Zold:out | Global


It isn't very generous right out of the gate, so rerolling will be a pain since you have to replay the tutorial. I managed to get 2 multis on character banner and 1 multi on weapon banner mostly from achievements since they only give 1 10 pull. Offers pop up constantly. Oh you beat this stage, here is an offer!
Seems dupe reliant which isn't bad if generous, but don't feel the generosity so far.
I will give it a few hours though and see if my impressions change or I unlock more.
Played it for a few hours and made it to the middle of chapter 2. It is still stingy as I had figured.. especially for 2% pull rates. I was able to pull 37 times total on the character banner and 12 times on the weapon gacha based on playing that much. The battle system is kind of fun, but after awhile I was getting tired of manually playing easier stages. You have to complete chapter 2 to unlock auto which takes longer than I have played so far. Overall I would say I like the game, but feel underwhelmed with the rewards and lack of honeymoon period. They need an SSR selective summon or better login rewards if they want to retain people past a day or 2.



I'm trying to find the appropriate word for the game...oh yeah,GARBAGE! (and almost 7 GB of it!) 🙄 You can't save a bad game with just Chernobyl looking, glow in the dark monster size booba any more... It's super lagy, freezing randomly mid bsttle, crashing randomly,loading time between different things is super long, need multiple taps on the icons to open different things...tried different devices,same result. So yeah,if I could give a 0 I'd give it...😑

Update failed!




4.6?! Funny considering I got only 2* and 1* units after 50 pulls...(except the crappy 3* Willow we get for free. And Croque feels soft for a tank )and even after 2 rerolls it was still the same. Global version is for some strange reason,far more generous with pulls.

Ok, I only played the tutorial and did the free 10 pull,and it looks somewhat decent. Now, the data download (1.7 GB I believe) is horrendously slow. Wtf devs?! I usually download with speed up to 10 Mbps,but for some strange reason after 30 minutes I only downloaded 30% of data. I tested my internet speed (just in case) on different downloads and it is flying as usual. So unless devs fix this it's 1* from me.

It's better than the old version 🙂👍

So, graphics and sound are great,but gameplay is...why the hell did devs put a million stages within the stage in a chapter?! it's never ending! 🙄 It's somewhat f2p friendly (if you're not in a hurry, you can get to end gsme without spending any 💰) Ok,if you suffer from insomnia (or just like to mentally exhaust yourself),this game is perfect 4 you 😁👍

so far iits decent looking game. let's see how f2p friendly it actually is...EDIT: After playing for a week or so (lvl 25) I came to a point wher f2p fun stops. Your team HP is way too low no matter how many SS or S units you hsve.Your units need to be at least lvl 50 to be able to clear the different game modes with the materials needed for upgrading. ( you even have to spend actual money if you want to get daily rewards you actually could use for unit upgrades). Since no game is worth spending hundreds of dollars, I'll just stop here. It was fun while it lasted. 😊👍

Blue Archive | Japanese


hey guys! So I'm trying to download data for the game,and it's on 1% for the last 30 minutes. is this game dead or what's up with this?! I know Nexon sux ballz,but this is just stupid 😑

This game is turning into a Genshin Impact, but not in a good way...if this continues soon well have 10+ GB of bug infested dumpster fire of a game...I think I've suffered enough,I'm done. 😑

Neural Cloud | English


Funny it says on Google play the game is not compatible with my phone.. it's hilarious! 😂😂😂 And now, about the game. it's somewhat F2P until chapter 3. Unless you have the best team, levelled to 40, you're screwed. But you can wait for daily log in to to collect idle rewards and lvl your characters,but the game progress is gonna be super slow. Still it's a decent side game. 😊👍

This is not working...(2 hours later)... Well it finally decided to load and it seams ok for now. We'll see how it goes from here.

Memento Mori


Gets stale really fast...and also when you hit chapter 4 it's game over for f2p players (unless you like waiting for idle rewards to accumulate to lvl up your chars)

I think the devs are trying to kill this game before Christmas... It's getting more issues by the minute instead of the opposite. Turns out EVERY character in Nikke is now majorly bugged. It started out as people finding a few major bugs here and there like a characters burst only dealing 1 damage for example. Now it's gone out of pocket. Issues:
- Buffs not stacking.
- Buffs straight up not working
- Every character with a charged basic attack applies the extra charge damage to their whole kit instead of their basic attack.
- Skill descriptions are at times completely wrong.
- Characters forcing enemies outside of the map.
- Characters that change ammo capacity just resetting the ammo count back to max after their buff ends, no reload needed.
- Characters that make temporary buffs permanent.
- Single shot nukes firing multiple times.
- Taunts just not working for some characters.
- Soline can teamkill with a bug that affects her burst. Your reticle disappears and she just smites a random teammate sometimes...just to mention a few. 😒 In conclusion, this game is not gonna see an anniversary if they don't fix it.

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