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Hey,I'm gaming here! Go away!
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Hey,I'm gaming here! Go away!
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LYSSA: Goddess of Rage


It's OK for a couple of days, after that it's P2W if you want to progress at all...and the prices are insane.

its'sa decent game,but it's freezing and crashing all the time. I also think it didn't have an update since forever...

It's better than the old version 🙂👍

Tower of God: New World


Tbh,as soon as I saw Netmarble I thought to myself "oh great,here we go again with this morons",but it's actually not too far at least. Pull rates are decent enough, events are interesting enough to keep you yeah a big surprise for me.

Chrono Astrea


If your're a masochist, this game is just 4U...👍 Pull rates for SSR characters are 0.043% (there are 2 banners with a selected hero summon with a whopping 1% rate up chance...and that is also if 😑). Gameplay is your basic manual/full auto turn based BS,so nothing exciting there. Everything else is as expected from an idle rpg game. So, have fun all you masochists out there in the wild! 😁👍

Fate Corridor


A baboon with dyslexia would create a better game than this piece of garbage! Jesus,are all developers on drugs?! 🙄

After chapter 2 it's just insane how the power gets out of balance. The enemy team gets super strong,and you have to P2W or just wait a whole day to upgrade a bit and try to win. And people are saying it's super easy to upgrade as a f2p player. I'm guessing this people are paid by the developer or something to click bate the rest of us.

Muv-Luv Dimensions


not working 😑

Echocalypse | SEA


My review after playing the game for a while

Pros : Booba( if you're into this kind of BS)

Cons : Everything else

Need dupes to progress at certain point, gacha currency income is laughable, can't clear new player missions before running out of time unless you spend money, horribly tedious base management, 20 different game modes that all feel exactly the same only difference being you can skip some and others you have to watch the fight play on auto (you can't interact at all), can't speak on the story since i skipped 99% of it and if i had to guess its not the greatest either, but there is a story at least
Theres worse games out there if you're looking for a coomer game, but I can't recommend anyone to play this tbh, and if you do I suggest not spending any money, cause chances are you won't be here for very long...the era of decent games is over my friends and it's progressively getting worse by the second. 😔



I posted my opinion in timeline, so I won't repeat myself twice...

Heroes of Crown | English


It's constantly downloading something. just stupid. 😤

KOF: Survival City


Second day in already hitting the paywall. Great 😑



Nothing but trash...😑

S Heroine


since its still unplayable I can't give any decent review,so until then...EDIT: Yeah game sux ballz...😑



I wonder what's the number 3 in the title?! I'm guessing that's how many days it takes to see how bad this game is...😑

Zold:out | Global


It isn't very generous right out of the gate, so rerolling will be a pain since you have to replay the tutorial. I managed to get 2 multis on character banner and 1 multi on weapon banner mostly from achievements since they only give 1 10 pull. Offers pop up constantly. Oh you beat this stage, here is an offer!
Seems dupe reliant which isn't bad if generous, but don't feel the generosity so far.
I will give it a few hours though and see if my impressions change or I unlock more.
Played it for a few hours and made it to the middle of chapter 2. It is still stingy as I had figured.. especially for 2% pull rates. I was able to pull 37 times total on the character banner and 12 times on the weapon gacha based on playing that much. The battle system is kind of fun, but after awhile I was getting tired of manually playing easier stages. You have to complete chapter 2 to unlock auto which takes longer than I have played so far. Overall I would say I like the game, but feel underwhelmed with the rewards and lack of honeymoon period. They need an SSR selective summon or better login rewards if they want to retain people past a day or 2.

Just everyone gone mental and started making all these Nutaku type of games?! This is just stupid...🙄



I'm trying to find the appropriate word for the game...oh yeah,GARBAGE! (and almost 7 GB of it!) 🙄 You can't save a bad game with just Chernobyl looking, glow in the dark monster size booba any more... It's super lagy, freezing randomly mid bsttle, crashing randomly,loading time between different things is super long, need multiple taps on the icons to open different things...tried different devices,same result. So yeah,if I could give a 0 I'd give it...😑

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Don't wanna be the one to say "told you so", I'm still gonna do it. I told you so. Every time all these overly hyped games always fail in every possible way of the bat, and this one is no exception. I don't know what is going on in devs heads, but they should do a 180™ asap.  Read Note
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