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it's so buggy it hurts! Devs are obviously on a vacation or something, because this is just stupid...😑

Great game so far. 😁👍 English version is way too buggy,so until devs come back from vacation, I'll play JP version...Ok, I have to drop the grade since this version is freezing mid battle randomly, pulls are trash (50 pulls not a single SS), loading time is way too yeah, devs are still asleep 😑

Neural Cloud | 英文版


Funny it says on Google play the game is not compatible with my phone.. it's hilarious! 😂😂😂

This is not working...(2 hours later)... Well it finally decided to load and it seams ok for now. We'll see how it goes from here.

Memento Mori


Gets stale really fast...and also when you hit chapter 4 it's game over for f2p players (unless you like waiting for idle rewards to accumulate to lvl up your chars)

I think the devs are trying to kill this game before Christmas... It's getting more issues by the minute instead of the opposite. Turns out EVERY character in Nikke is now majorly bugged. It started out as people finding a few major bugs here and there like a characters burst only dealing 1 damage for example. Now it's gone out of pocket. Issues:
- Buffs not stacking.
- Buffs straight up not working
- Every character with a charged basic attack applies the extra charge damage to their whole kit instead of their basic attack.
- Skill descriptions are at times completely wrong.
- Characters forcing enemies outside of the map.
- Characters that change ammo capacity just resetting the ammo count back to max after their buff ends, no reload needed.
- Characters that make temporary buffs permanent.
- Single shot nukes firing multiple times.
- Taunts just not working for some characters.
- Soline can teamkill with a bug that affects her burst. Your reticle disappears and she just smites a random teammate sometimes...just to mention a few. 😒 In conclusion, this game is not gonna see an anniversary if they don't fix it.

Seiyaku girls


It's a fun little game in Azure Lane style (only it's vertical). Also can someone help me. I have a handful of R dupes. Usually in this type of games you can use them as foder to get coins or exp. I don't know what to do with them 😐

Blue Archive | Japanese


Bro,global version sux ballz! No cap. Every game in history who released a global version 99% sucked ass of the bat. And sunce Nexon Corp. put their greedy fingers on it as well, anything but big F was expected. So guys,start learning JP ( long term benefits for future game releases 😁) and enjoy the game. 😊👍

Very nice game 👍

4GB of data before even playing?! Oh hell nah! I'm out!



I think this game is dead as a duck in Chinese restaurant 😑

光隙解語 | 繁中版


So,after playing for a couple of hours I can say it's pretty interesting game. The pulls I did are somewhat decent and the story is ok. But, the game needs VPN to work (I'm in Europe) and it's always freezing and crashing randomly (I don't know is it due VPN connection or the game has a bug). If this issue is resolved, it's gon6be fun times with this game. 😁👍

Tenkei Paradox


Great job devs...NOT! 🙄 This game is terrible. Loading time between turns is just ridiculous, it's freezing randomly, pulls are horrendous... should I continue 😒

Dolphin Wave


Ok,after playing the game for a while, I realized it's basically Shinobi Master Senran, but on a jet ski. The gameplay is one way ticket to snoozeville ( but highly recommend if you suffer from insomnia 😁👍). Pulls are also bad as expected. Oh well, let's see what happens next in the mobile gaming...

A fairly decent game so far. Btw,are there any valid gift codes?



Fun game 😊👍

Playing tha great game and learning Chinese,what could be better 😁👌

Heroes of Crown | English


Fun idle side game 🙂👍



It's a decent game with tolerable pull rates.

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Well game looks interesting but since it's constantly freezing and crashing the grade is going down. Read Note
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