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Maiden‘s Haven Academy


not a huge fan of the art, gets pretty lewd though. not enough reason to keep playing.

Fate Corridor


yeah it's AI waifus and repetitive gameplay. actually there's no gameplay as it all happens on auto. just leave your phone on, come back later and collect your rewards.

pros: art isn't bad for AI
Super generous with the standard pulls
diverting enough.
can't see any reason to pay for this, enough to do FTP

cons: nothing to really do, would be great to have some "collect all" buttons

I'll play a bit longer till i get bored

Brown Dust 2


nice style and better than the usual click the red notification spot "gameplay" of most gachas. combat is a bit confusing to me but i don't play many strategy games



surely you know what you're getting into by now. collect all the waifus and use them to defeat your enemies. let's not all think to hard about why we play these games

Idle Angels


[哇噻]waifus standard gacha game seems a bit tight on the summons

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so far so good, art is nice will see how good the gameplay is Read Note
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