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peace, love and 80s/90s/2000s anime is peak anime
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peace, love and 80s/90s/2000s anime is peak anime
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What in Hell is Bad?


uhm i-
well for me im not getting any crashes or server issues like I've seen in other reviews
guess im just built different (jk)
but uh
my heart and I'm flustered and my boyfriend's teasing me about this now thanks
what can i really say? I'm trying my best to not be thirsty, a'ight?
hey my bf approves of this one too-

lord im trying my best to not be down bad
it looks good to my eyes and makes my ears happy
is that enough of a review? i just get confused about certain mechanics
i may be just dumb tho

SAKURA School Simulator


I've been having fun with this game for years. What can i say other than it's fun? I like the updates over the years. I am so glad it is not one of those abandoned school simulator games that have been abandoned by the devs that the app store and google play is full of. It actually feels alive and lived in. Other similar apps feel empty, hollow and kinda creepy. My only huge nitpick is lack of more character customization and people have said it before but multiplayer would be cool but i understand that probably isn't cheap to set up and this game gets money from ads so they may not have multiplayer server money just laying around. So i get it. But it would be cool. Overall, i like it. Can the game be clunky? Yes. Can certain things get repetitive? Also yes but i enjoy it enough for what it is. And I'll always come back to it when i need to turn my brain off and have fun. Not a masterpiece but I'm looking for goofy fun. Not a masterpiece. Also my niece loves this game too.

Unison League | Global


Yo why is everyone in my DMs so thirsty? Get a life lmao okay in all seriousness..Not everyone is bad. There are some genuinely, not-downbad people who DM me. And the down horrendous people are my only super big nitpick. Some bugs have yet to be fixed but they're usually minor and bugs i personally can work around. Like enemies not showing up or just being invisible. I personally can work around that. I do love the crossovers. But the amount of gems needed for certain things is ridiculous. But the game has been generous with gems as of late. Sometimes the whole time limit thing for certain quests can be straight up horrible and annoying. But i do like the art, the designs, the characters mostly. Everything else is good. I always come back to it eventually even if i uninstall. Honestly, im usually brought back by the crossovers. Here's to 5 years of being a Unison League player!

Brawl Stars | Global


I only ranked storyline so low because ...there really isn't one? I was obsessed with this game for awhile. the hype kinda died down honestly but the game itself is still fun. The controls can be slippery but it gets easier to learn. It helps kill time and i do love the brawlers. I love how unique the characters all are. They're the reason i keep coming back occasionally. Overall, fun and I'd say it's worth giving a shot.
Also, i won't judge the game based on the quality of my teammates. If i get bad random teammates, that isn't the game's fault.
Oh. Also, i appreciate the dev team and how dedicated they seem, pumping out new content and getting players involved. But a complaint i have is progressing or getting your characters stronger is painfully slow.

Captor Clash


I'm kinda sorta having fun with it? i cant say i hate it but I'm never super excited to boot it up. The prices are insane. Some things are overpriced to heck and paying for certain things is unclear..Like the benefits are super unclear. Story is...okay? Some translations and the voicelines and voice acting are clunky. Certain characters can be annoying to play since they say the same thing. Thats'sa nitpick i know but still. I do, however, adore the designs of the characters and the art itself. Progress can be slow but not unbearable . It is a nice game to pick up if you're bored but don't expect anything amazing. Again, I don't hate it just not sure if I'd recommend but if you're bored or something .okay, i guess?

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


I love the music. The characters are fun; even though I'm not as attached to them as I am to Bang Dream's characters, they're charming enough. And i do play D4DJ more than Bang Dream even though i have more of a personal attachment to the latter. I'd say I enjoy the music selection a tad bit more than Bang Dream's. And I'm glad the game doesn't seem to favorite certain DJ groups and characters above others. Everyone feels like they get adequate time to shine. (unlike bang dream which seems to focus mostly on Roselia and Poppin Party which i understand for popularity reasons but geez) But sometimes the controls screw me over and they can be iffy sometimes. Like certain controls during gameplay blend into one another and are hard to separate during gameplay if that makes sense? But overall, I enjoy it and tend to play it more than most other rhythm games. Also, the art and character designs? Kinda prefer that to Bang Dream too. I swear this isn't supposed to be Bang Dream slander i love both games. Just saying. However, this game feels more money hungry than Bang Dream. The purchases aren't necessary but they do help and unlock certain features. But, it is mostly fun.
Edit: The game is playable in full without the purchases. I was just confused lmao sorry about that.

Omega Strikers


I think this is fun. The mobile controls can be a bit confusing. Not in terms of being like unplayable just takes some getting used to. I am not going to speak of the quality of teammates or the player base or some of the toxic players that come around every once in a blue moon because that isn't the games's fault. I very much appreciate the Devs for being responsive and communicating with the community. I'd say this is very fun. A few bugs can bring it down sometimes but I'd say the pros outweight the cons.
i enjoy the characters, the designs and the overall vibe of the game. It is very fun. Addicting too. I'd recommend it.
I dont know what it's like to play on a team with friends or anything so i can't speak on that front but i love it overall. But there's always room for improvement I'm rooting for this game to be successful! Update: The controls have been getting better and i love the devs. Cant stress this enough. It is amazing having devs that listen.

Been playing for years now (since the very first event when it was released in America; the Sakura Blooming Party) and i am absolutely in love with the characters, songs, everything. Only issue is how it disconnects in random lobbies at random times. And some stories i just skip over but i get the gist of most of them and i played enough when the game first came out to know how the characters act, their personalities and how they've developed and evolved. Above all else, the characters make this game. They're just as important as the music to me. And I love each and everyone of them.
Afterglow/RAS/Morfonica/Pastel Palettes supremacy btw

Game of Dice


Memento Mori


Aha, whales love this game, don't they? In all seriousness, whales, Pay 2 Win mechanics and progression is a big issue here. I personally don't mind the idle gameplay. It can just get frustrating when you lose over and over because you can't get stronger that easily. i know there should be challenges and effort in getting stronger. I get that but it shouldnt't take me at least a week to beat one enemy. Sometimes a bit more. The Pay 2 Win can be a bit much. Or rather "Pay 2 Progress" i guess. But the compelling characters, beautiful art, wonderful music, and overall presentation and interesting story save it and elevate it above alot of Idle gacha games in my eyes. The voice acting is phenomenal and i find myself getting genuinely emotional about the characters and their stories. They have legitimately made me cry to be honest. Maybe im just sensitive but yeah. The artwork is gorgeous and alot of the designs are memorable and well made. I listen to the songs in my downtime; almost everyday and they get stuck in my head so i applaud the devs for the presentation. The songs make me emotional too when given context with each character's story. I love that each character gets their own song. I haven't been this emotional about a game in a long time. And it can be pretty rewarding and fun when you beat a boss or get stronger. This game just needs more care, polish, refinement and less P2W. I do like it overall, though. Even with its flaws.

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