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I avoid following the masses blindly. Every so often, the "m" in "masses" is silent.
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I avoid following the masses blindly. Every so often, the "m" in "masses" is silent.
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Starseed: Asnia Trigger


Surprisingly,It's not bad. Graphics are ok, pulls are decent enough,so I hope it won't be disappointing later on.

Destiny Oracle


Deja Vu much?! 🀨

Light of the Stars


not possible to sign in,so I can't give a rewiev at this point.

Can't download additional resources so it's 1* from me at the moment.

Secret Land Adventure


Fill auto of the gate and it's super linear with not much to do....πŸ˜‘

ASTRA: Knights of Veda


Over 7 GB of potato graphics with snozoze fest of a gameplay is just too much for me... good luck with that devs πŸ˜‘

Mediocre turn based game with nothing we haven't seen before...πŸ₯±

Blue Archive | Global


I was always sceptical when it comes to Nexon, because their ability to turn a decent game into a p2w shitfest, is just mind boggling. But surprisingly enough, they actually didn't screw this one up...for now. Let's see when does it stop being f2p...πŸ€”EDIT: Well it didn't took long for Nexon to show their true colors. In long story short,DO NOT pull from rate up banners,you won't get anything.( I did 50 pulls in a row,and got just a couple of 2* and the rest was garbage).

Calamity Break


I'd really like it to be good, but it's not...sad boi πŸ˜”

It's pretty decent so far.

Eversoul | Global


Almost 7GB of total garbage... It's laggy,you need to tap endlessly on icons for them to open, loading time is just horrendous, freezing mid battle and finally randomly crashing. I've used multiple devices,but the results are the same...Are nowadays devs mentally challenged or suffer from dyslexia or something?! Every new game is getting worse than the previous one. I thought Nikke was bad,but this is just next level bad.

Oh my sweet baby Yoda this game sux ballz! Not only it's unplayable manually it's also super half baked product. Even if the devs give 1000 free pulls, it's still gonna suck. Wow! it's been a minute the last time a new game was this bad 🀯

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2.9* I guess It's not very good of the gate...oh well πŸ˜ Read Note
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