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what is going on with this game its just black screen then when i touch it you see green dots so why is it not loading

its to bad they got rid of the global version of the game huge fan of the game

this is sad i really like this game but it is not compatible with my current phone im sad now i really want to play it

I love this game but I do need help with it since the last update they put two banners on there that need gacha tickets how do I get them there Is no event stating on how to get them because i really want to summon on those ticket banners so please help me.

I can't get the game to even work it stuck on the home screen of the game and nothing happens I even left it be to see if it would load and nothing what do I need to do

it won't let me update the game it says update so when I click on it it says deep scanning then it goes back to update and it keeps saying it over and over please help thank you

I like the game but it wont let me update the game it says update but when I click on it it says connecting then it goes back saying update what is wrong please fix it

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i am having a issue with the game since the update yesterday it's black so please help me Read Note
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