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Can't even get past the Activity screen because it tells me "sign in failed" constantly. To everyone who actually has the game playable/working then awesome, to everyone else, don't waste your time with this one.

Idle Angels


Played this via Google Play for a long time then started using QooApp. The biggest gripe with this game is that the Google and QooApp versions aren't the same. Why? There's virtually no difference between the two that I can tell so I lost all progress switching to the QooApp version. Aside, from that that the game isn't terrible. Drop rates are okay-ish and you get character fragments which can be used to summon a specific character or used to upgrade them further. This takes awhile for F2P and P2W is highly encouraged since there's constantly pop ups asking you to buy something. You do get plenty of summon materials though if you're doing the dailies, area and other things. Aside from that, it's your average idle gacha. Play a few stages, maybe do a summon or two, upgrade, stop playing for about 12 hours, log back in and get your idle rewards, play a few stages, rinse and repeat. Nothing mind blowing here.

QooApp recommended this to me so I figured why not. It's... okay. The artwork is nice at least. The drop rates are not great at all. 50 x10 pulls and not one SSR yet the game constantly encourages you to spend money it which is a no from me. It's also REALLY glitchy. Text sometimes won't appear, characters won't appear, the bible thing they have won't appear so I don't know what I've unlocked. Character progression is slow compared to other idle gacha since the enemies level up faster than you. All in all, I can't really recommend this to someone.

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