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i tried and im tired
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i tried and im tired
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Reverse: 1999 | Global


This game is Fantastic, if you're on to VN and Gacha, welp you gotta try this one, Its like Revived Witch, but with much enjoyable gameplay, and you'll like the Bri'sh accent



I love the Storyline of this app, has lots of stuff stored in ther servers wether it be illegal or legal stuff, its all in ther, pretty darn good

Shadow Fight 3


Want a Fighting game that doesnt require much of those high specs? then this is what youre looking for! installed it on a crappy phone without any GPU embedded on it and it runs on solid 60fps, thooo they sshouldve added a native control support for External Bluetooth Controller

Cyber Gunner


Well, for starters the gameplay is pretty simple, a kid couldv enjoyed this BUT the artstyle is erotic asf, maybe thats why this isnt placed on playstore

Minecraft | Global


my childhood

Guardian Tales | Global


If youre wanting a Good Game with Actual good Storyline (w/ Amazing References) and a Gacha( but not so p2w), Here play this Funtasy, this game got a special place in my heart

We all Hate and Love this game
said to ourselves thay we're gonna quit this game for good
but then plays it again after an hour or two lmao

Soul Knight | Global


If you play this game 2017, youre an OG

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