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Hokuto, Yuuki, Mayoi, Shinobu, HiMERU, Arashi, and Izumi are my life now.
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Hokuto, Yuuki, Mayoi, Shinobu, HiMERU, Arashi, and Izumi are my life now.
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Everything about it so far is great!! The interface and connection are a little laggy, but that might just be me. The Ace Monsters are insanely strong, as well as the Super Rares; its easy to get materials when you're first starting out to customize them. The game just came out so theres not a lot of card or accessorie options, but i can't wait to see more!

Rhythm Hive


For f2p players its a great game, unless you're super competitive then that's when money is needed; I'm also not a big fan of the Mix mechanic, its takes too long to get the requirements for that.

The gameplay itself is awesome, the beatmaps aren't overly difficult even on the hardest difficulty; the fact that you don't have to move your fingers for the long notes is a plus for me.

The quests are a great asset, even if you don't have either subscription you get plenty of resources already; the ranking portion is great as well, its satisfying if youre a competitive player.

I'm a huge fan of customizing and decorating in games, so the Diary bit is my favorite thing about this game; the fact that you can check out others as well is super cool.

They just added Cheer Mode, which I'm not too fond of, even after the tutorial and getting the mechanics down its disappointing that it's such a simpler piece of gameplay. That's just me though!

All in all, I definitely recommend this game! Especially if you're a Kpop fan, its super satisfying and challenging!

I didn't think i would like it, but the music is phenomenal!!

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