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Love Fashion Games
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Love Fashion Games
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Life Makeover | SG & MY


4.5 stars Highly recommended to Fashion Lovers

I was stunned by the high quality 3D graphics and trendy
K-pop girl style animation in Instagram ads -
the outfits are extremely attention to detail and delicately
made, they look so real!

As a big fan of dress up games, I know hair is always the challenging part but this game has done an amazing job, as a lot of 3D hair looks unnatural and clay lol

The dress up screen is similar to Style MeGirl series and
Shining Nikki.

The game mechanics is a combination of Love & Producer (Mr Love: Queen's Choice), Shining Nikki from Paper Games,
Detective series from Global Gear K.K. and The Sims.

A better drop rate for the resources comparing to Love & Producer and the biggest breakthrough is that unlike Shining Nikki, we can customize our own avatar and recolor, or even
designing our own outfits!!

I can tell the developer team is original from the
Fashion Industry - the professional editorial layout,
typography, avatar poses, and of course fashion sense,
and I can't tell how much I'm in love w them! 😍

Comparing to other games, this game so far gives us
quite a lot of freebies.

The reason I don't rate 5/5 is bc of the limitation -
not a big range to adjust so the avatars all look more or
less the same
( I tried to make 2 girls that have different vibes tho)
but would be great if we can have more variety
esp when it comes to the lips, face lines and boobs.

I know as a fashion game you guys don't want to look erotic
but my English speaking friends would love to have bigger
boobs bc it looks sexyyy!

The movement at Home is difficult to adjust esp in horizontal mode.

Cooking and eating time is way too long!

Dress Themes are repetitive, need to get change in almost
every scene which hardly makes sense - you still wanna dress up fancy when there's a murder like seriously? [汗顏]

Too much features and UI that it literally took me quite a while to figure out and recognize which is which...

Community on English server is friendly and peaceful so far
which is a plus.
I like how players inviting each other to their place to feed
each other lol

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Happy Half Anniversary! 
The gift codes from the livestream are: HAPPY, HALF, YEAR
You can get 100 dias each.
Available till 31 May 23:59 JST
Happy gaming! ☺
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