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straight yto the point
you gacha geeks need to touch grass, gacha sucks, rythm parts good, storyline meh (for me) better options but, it's new, so it haves time to improve.

Honkai: Star Rail


so yeah my review

it i am honest it's more like honkai than genshin but turn based that part annoys me but meh who cares~?
ddan eng was the reason i started playing, but obviously himeno too now...
got a 5 star in the standard 8 pulls one the spects ojisan (welt)

overall a good game 🦷 would recommend

Obey Me! Nightbringer


honest review play the og game upto 20lessons to understand it but meh. i love it i just love it love it love it

An old otome game with great storyline, honestly it expects me to purchase the special route when I am f2p by heart but it's a great game 3/5

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