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Touhou LostWord | Global


Pretty enjoyable gacha. Pretty much the only of its kind (being a touhou gacha). Ive grown pretty fond of this one, mainly from playing it a bunch and doing events and dailies. Music (its touhou, what do you expect), same for the sounds, but the menus have more touhou-like sounds which i like. Story...i got nothing. Its also free, and the game pretty much throws paid and nonpaid currency at you so you only really have to pay for things if you want.

Pokémon Sleep


Big fan of this game. The only gameplay mechanic is sleeping. The more the better and more rewards you get. Art style is great, sounds arent too loud. Its also free so its just a nice little game.



Same game from our childhoods, but with some new stuff. Lots of changes, some better than others, but it is still close to being the same game.

Touhou Madouroku


I love this game. Its a great way to play touhou on mobile, if a bit difficult sometimes.
The hit box is...weird, sometimes you get hit when a bullet comes SUPER close to you, other tines it just doesn't happen.
Its also a free game and not too big which is a HUGE plus. Great game, though only 1 story level which is fine.
Edit: The last line is outdated now. Ill keep it short and sweet, amazing true to form touhou experience on mobile devices, tons of spellcards on the 4 difficulties. 4 playable characters. Great game.

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