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Thank god they're not censored (yet?) Look, for the guys made Live2D games take off with Destiny Child, i expected a bit more light-hearted on the pervert side. But I guess I can qank in one hand and wipe tears in another.

Pro: Juicy, bouncy, nutty arts; Decent gameplay (not really extraordinary, but it is first of its kind); Low pity gacha (good for piti"full" guys like me); Does offer compelling storyline - they can work better on the protagonist thou.

Cons: Expensive; Playing will make you being judged by everybody that is not a perv in observable proximity.

Argent Twilight


This is basically Lord of Heroes Nexon-ified. I love Lord of Heroes, so can see this game has massive potential, but it share same problem too. First, they basically cheaped out the gacha system by implementing a copy of every hero for FIVE elements. Secondly, fck element system, it's 2022 you'd figure that they should have found out something better by now. Lastly, it's Nexon, so prepare for super duper grindy game (well, tbh, LoH was kinda grindy af in the beginning too) and heavy monetization.

Well, feel free to play if you have no other thou.

IF you play this game (for obv reasons), do us all a favor and do not financially support the dev/publisher. I have seen this sht at least thrice (incl. a h-ver) and never the dev attempted to improve it in any way. Still abysmal power curve, disproportionate resource with no respect system, idiotic hero designs (like healer that will only heal highest atk unit, even it's full hp, or tank with a dps kit!), three separate currencies to used for summon (gem is universal but it's rewarded extremely pitiful thru playing) and a general lack of storyline plus many QoL features make up an 'idle' game.

7sins X-tasy is out, it has plot + "plots" (find 18+ apk on their web), and shit tons of freebies. Go play that sht.

Clash Of Sky丨English


Been having quite a few fanservice kinda games lately (can't complain), so why I'm giving my take on this game? Probably becuz it's somewhat the most functional and freebie welcoming. The game is very smooth, that's the biggest praise for it, from combat to screen loading just take like <1s to transition.
Still, it needs way more investment into the gameplay department. Need more skill per hero, more diversity in skills, need traits, passive, etc and give them small icon/splash art to distinguish.
I'm not pressing on the VA part, but story also need to improve cuz it's very shallow atm.
Gacha decent, I suppose. At 2.5% Ssr, only my sht luck is to blame.

I'm SERIOUSLY impressed with the skill animation this game has, especially how smooth it is when they transition from sprite to animated cutscenes.

Gameplay wise, the game probably boast a more strategic aspect comparing to many of the genre counterparts. And this is a game about "plots".

However, I do not recommend this game to f2p players as it has one of the most horrid gacha system I've ever seen. The banners give random craps at all times in between the fractals of a hero. That's right. Fractal. You will most likely never roll out a full hero, ever (I know I haven't). That 3000 gem and tickets they gave you in the beginning? Useless, it won't give you any new hero and players will have to use whatever the game give them thru story progression.

With saddened heart, I'll give this about 5.5/10.

Ever Land


The only seems to be in order is graphicwise, and its not even polished tbh. "Sloppiest launch eva" Achievement Unlocked.

"I've played better-saucier DMM games"
The Goods: "Plots"; Consistent and generally good art (altho lower rarity doesn't have Live2D model); Good gacha rate (4% SSR, and I did get the limited skin in only 10 rolls, so that's that); A limitless 10-roll with up to 2 SSR at start; Decent skills effects and smooth performance.

The Bads: No actual plot (yeah I'm playing mobile games for the story, beat me!); subpar sense of strategy with only 4 chars team and really generic skill sets; some skills' translation is incomprehensible.

Unless dev improve - which I highly doubt - this can only be considered as a timepasser for like 1 month max.



Get this NFT shit outta here. Basically just a reused asset w NFT implemented to lure thirsty guys.

Fate Commander:Fighting


Original characters - do not steal!

Copyright infringement aside, the game is absolute shite in almost any aspect, from strategies to UI which lacks even the most basic of indicators.



Enter the Gungeon-lite. I came expect finding sth like Soul Knights to play coop w friends, but this will do nicely singleplayer. The mobile version is botched tho, w no fire control it feels like a copy of archero-genre and really dumb down the combat mechanics.

Diablo Immortal | Global


Yes, Blizz, we have phones.

Came for the slime, stay for that sexy Ciel-sensei's voice.
This game has much higher quality of production than the previous slime game. Gacha is manageable with 3% for Support Ssr and 1% for Atk Ssr - it does has good starter rewards and early reroll. Storywise it has high potential to follow not just the LN but also new branches with new exclusive characters (like we need to know who hath slime fornicated with to has that daughter lol)

Tales of Grimm


Played this since its soft launch (think it was for Aus/NZ region), the game is very generous with the reward. You will probably stuck a bit at heroes lvl 100 mark to find dupes for breaking thru, but it gets traction easier past that point.

Valkyrie Force: Reborn


I believe this was released before under the name "Union Raid" probably this is its officially launched name.
Anyway, not the best "guilty pleasure" type of game, in fact it was maybe one of the worst. The only strong point of this is waifu collection, everything else was done with minimum effort. Strategic aspect? Nah, just use whatever hero that slap the hardest (aka, rarest) since most the time skills just revolve around dealing %dmg+debuff. Graphics? Subpar with poor performance. Gacha? Horrid.

You're welcome to kill some time off w this game, but I don't recommend spending money on this as I rarely do so for any game from EYOU. For waifu whaling, seeks better built games like Destiny Child or Idle Angels.

Since the game is still in CB, some aspects of this game will probably need revisited after official launching.

Okay, so the game is another idle gacha rpg, a.k.a time-killer, nothing fancy here. But it is a solid one for its genre: Big pool of hero from the start, very smooth and beautiful graphic, sufficiently diversive lineups, okay gacha rate (hope they don't ninja nerf it.) While a lot of idle rpg does a shit job on the storytelling or just slap the core mechanics in and forgo the plot, a seemingly decent story plus voice acting in place helped putting Lapis a cut above the rest.

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


A run-of-the-mill gacha game based on established IP (in my case, I'm aware of the anime before this game). Combat mechanics has its flair but for some1 doesn't understand much Japanese it comes down to spamming skill activations available. Graphics/animation is mediocre, artworks are your usual Square's style so they are not really outstanding imo, story unclear - go watch the anime if ya want. The worst thing is the game has a very small pool of characters to collect and many of them gets pallete-swap variations. Gacha rate okay enough with SSR at 5% but most of the time you will get dup R ones anyway due to no guarantee in place. Honestly, even the gacha idle game called Lapis sth just came out looks higher quality than this.

Ego Effect | Global


Global tag, language English where [發困]? NetEase, more like NetTease lol.

World Flipper | Global


Another game that is a giant middle finger to the global player base. Go play the original version guys, or don't play at all. But if ya have to, don't give them the money becuz this is literally the only thing they care after the games ded at their homefront. Fun edit: The dev has deleted my review on GStore twice despite im not throwing them 1*, it's like they put a filter triggered by the term 'censore', 're-roll' or sth to auto delete reviews.

Time Defenders


I like how the stages are normal daily life scenes set up unlike generic maps in other tower defense. Gacha model is however just sad with characters (need dupe) and exclusive gears, while the rate is abysmal - you would think why they make rerolling so easy huh?

Inb4 the game dies out in Jap and they re-milk it (succesfully) in Global just like King's Raid.

MARVEL Future Revolution


For anyone wanna try this, be noted that if a Canada VPN doesn't work, clear the game's cache n try again. Okay so the game's gorgeous, play well (altho it might crash if ya let the device heat up) but since it's both a Netmarble & Marvel/Disney's IP, prepare for some serious monetization models.

Edit for further in-depth review: This is not a hero gacha game, it's more like a superhero mobile semi-open world mmorpg. You choose a hero from the roster and play. Gacha is mainly for costume (visual n stats), omega cards (stats). The currency needed for gacha is stupidly disproportionate - ya thinking about 200/1800 rolls while reward for playing is around 10, 15 each (and there aint many). Quest reward so far has only given 1-3* costume chest (5* is max in gacha). The best chance for you to get high* ones rn is login in, and hope for luck with the convergence box (48hr random refresh rewards). Or pay money, of course.
The game itself is fine, at least it's not highly automated like Netmarble's other craps, but require manual control in fight for maximum efficiency - esp. with splash dmg skills. Performance is alright, but remember to keep heat optimization on or it will crash your game.

In general: A standard mobile mmorpg rehashed to fit western theme, with excellent graphics, okay gameplay, but still with the terrible monetization. Prolly 6.5/10.

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