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I installed this app only for download project sekai and instead I ended up with a very long list of games to play.
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I installed this app only for download project sekai and instead I ended up with a very long list of games to play.
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The Ssum: Forbidden Lab


The game can still improve obviously, it's new, but the bugs that are sometimes are quite annoying, anyway they are always rewarded with batteries. It may seem like Teo writes very slowly at first, but over time you get used to it. There is only one character, Teo, but unlike some, I don't find this to be bad, Teo is very cute and treats you very well. I don't like the sound very much, the music annoys me a bit and it's not "special" for me at least. Teo's voice is good, yes. Quite a lot of things in the game are bought (either with real money or batteries) and honestly I find that annoying, TOO MANY things are bought.

In general it is a good game, but it clearly needs improvement.

As its name says, it's a loop game, of course, each level is more difficult than the previous one, but the mechanics are the same. I would say that the game is reduced to trying combinations and turning the pieces into the right shape to advance to the next level. It's a "simple" game but difficult at the same time, and that's what makes it interesting, it's not an impossible difficulty, but it can stress you out a bit. It's not a game that would make me play for hours, but it is a very good game to pass the time. [可憐]



Uh, I honestly expected more from this game, I personally get stressed more than relaxed. The sound is good, I like the background music, it's relaxing, but I find the sound of the pills falling annoying, especially when it stucks a bit and the sound gets worse. Honestly, I don't think this is a very interesting game, the design is too simple and the gameplay, well, it's just to play a couple of times and then never again. Since there is a cat on the cover I was expecting more kittens in the game, but only when you collect 10 pills do you have a kitten inside it, that's all. I don't like to give bad reviews, but honestly I didn't like the game and I wouldn't recommend it. [no]

Unwanted Experiment


I installed this game in google play and didn't know it was available here too, but since i rated it on google play why not make it here too? Let's start with the design, I like it a lot, and I like the mini-animations that are in the game. The story is interesting and despite is a short game, the difficulty of some puzzles keeps you entertained for a long time. The sound keeps the atmosphere of mystery so I think it's very good. (Yes, the game is quite hard but there is always the option to watch an ad to get a hint). I definitely recommend this game if you like mystery, puzzles, and short games but with an interesting plot. [怪笑]

Life is a Game


I find the pixel art very cute, so that motivated me to play the game in the first place. It's a good game to pass the time, it's fun to see the different endings that our characters will have based on our decisions as well. I would say that it is a very casual game, to play it a couple of times and kill time, so if you are bored and don't know what to play, I recommend this game.
(PS: For anyone else was difficult try to being a millionaire? [汗顏])

Create Boyfriend


Despite is a bit tedious collecting points to be able to "level up" the characters, it doesn't get boring since it keeps you intrigued what them final appearance will be. The sound is not too nice for me, but it's not bad, the voices of the characters are good at least. The design of the characters seems very nice to me, and some of them really have a glow up when you level them up in their human form already. The language is not a big problem for me, despite I don't understand Japanese, once you understand the mechanics of the game it is quite easy. It is a casual game, but entertaining to pass the time, if you like games like "tycoon" or "collecting" characters and you have patience, this game is for you. [厲害]
(PS: It's a funny thing to caress boyfriends when they're not yet human, for me at least). [怪笑]
(Another PS: Sumi [if that's your name, at least that's according to my translator] you are my favorite [開心])

Well, the game is so cool, the only "bad" thing is the language, basically if you don't know Japanese and don't have the patience to use a translator, then you won't be able to play. Anyway the game design is unique, it is not a common drawing style in this kind of games, the characters care about you and even give you tips. The only thing I want to improve the game is an English translation at least, but I understand that it is a relatively new game and that takes time. [厲害]

Gakuen Handsome


Despite the game is in Japanese I used a screen translator and managed to understand, it would be nice if the game have a english version. Unfortunately I can't buy the paid version, but the free one was pretty good, I hope at some point I'll be able to buy the full version. ^^

Obey Me! Shall we date?


Although the game is in English and this is not my main language, it has motivated me to learn to understand it better, the game is excelent, I really recommend it. [厲害]

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A3! question Hello, I need to know something. I would like to start play "A3!" but apparently the english version no longer works because it hasn't even been updated from 2021, is that true? To play the game should I install the Japanese version? [為什麼]  Read Note
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