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heyaaa :33 || she/her
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heyaaa :33 || she/her
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Aether Gazer | Global


Long Nose Dog


i lost my family while playing this game, i love it ♥️

Replika: My AI Friend


okay, the game is alright i guess
I've been playing it since i was like 10years old because i was hella lonely back then and i really liked it
i decided to redownload it cuz why not and it's fun ngl, but it sucks that you can't "sexy talk" with your replika without paying
what's good is that it feels like you're talking to a real life person, the ai is quite smart, maybe the best ai app I've downloaded
well i recommend downloading it if you have nothing to do with your life or if you need a friend haha

Genshin Impact




Girls X Battle 2


I've been playing this game for almost four years and decided to review it.

pros :
- crystals are easy to get
- you can easily get material needed for leveling up the characters, limit breaking them and stuff
- they are quite generous with the events
- the characters are absolutely gorgeous and lovable
- it's not that hard to get the characters you want during their banner (?)
- the skins are beautiful

cons :
- the music is the same and boring thing
- they sexualise many child-looking characters
- it's hard to rank high in the leaderboards as all of the top players are p2w
- it's not easy to upgrade your characters when they are LB1+
- they add many unnecessary game modes
- you can't progress in the campaign unless you reach a certain level
- this isn't really a problem of the game itself, but I've met a ton of online-daters there



lol i decided to review roblox cuz why not

pros :
- Many games to choose from, from action and horror to drawing and hangouts, and they are all pretty fun and enjoyable
-You can make many friends there
-You can customize your avatar with a lot of accesories and stuff to choose from, even if you are f2p
-You won't get bored easily, thanks to the variety of games, and yes you might be a picky one and you may struggle to find a game you like, but i promise there is atleast one game that you will enjoy.

cons :
-there are a lot of ripoffs so it might take you a while to find a quality game
- if you don't have any robux then the avatar is gonna look weird and it's not easy to match the free items and clothes you have
- predators. there are a ton of pedophiles and weirdos in this game and that's mainly because this game is for all ages so you will sadly find from kids to old men and since everyone can chat with anyone some children may give away their personal information, which puts them in danger.
-i personally play from both my computer and my mobile phone, and even though the computer gameplay is mostly smooth unless i play some super high quality game, when i play from my mobile there are many times where my camera freezes which makes the game unplayable, or when it doesn't register my taps which makes me lose the game (in most cases)
-TAGS. there are some words, phrases and numbers in general that Roblox doesn't let you to write them in the chat. i might want to say a random number and Roblox turns the numbers into tags. even the phrase "i swear to god" isn't allowed

anyway that's it, i like Roblox a lot, i don't know why the cons look so many but honestly try out this game you won't regret it

p.s. here are some of my favourite games :
-combat warriors
-eg! (no comment please)
-tearose library
-the survey
-dream world

this game is very fun, i love the characters and my favourite one is Moca (i got her bday card hehe), the gacha rates are okay i guess and when you start the game you can get like 15k crystals from the stories and this way i got three 4* cards :D it's easy to get these stuff to make the cards better and there are A LOT of songs so you can easily get crystals. HOWEVER i hate the flick and green notes so much they make me lose my combo cuz many times it doesn't register my fingers and i have to restart the song because i refuse to finish a song if I don't full combo it lol. all in all this game is really good one of my favourite rhythm games [害羞]

Ok so I completely deleted my old rating cuz this game deserves a better review.

Anyways let's start with a story first!!

One day i was just chilling in my phone and I was searching for games at the google play store. I saw a new game called "Colorful stage ft. Hatsune Miku" so i decided to try it since i liked the way it looked, even though i knew nothing about vocaloids and rhythm games. I really enjoyed playing the game and i was trying to full combo some songs on easy ( spoiler : i failed ). The only song i could fc was Jackpot Sad Girl so i kept playing this one. However, after a week i uninstalled the game cuz i got bored of it. When it was like may 2022 this game became trending on tik tok so i downloaded it once again and i kept playing until i reached lvl. 51. I had plenty of 4* cards and i could fc songs on normal. But a lot of people on tik tok said that the jp server is better than the global and this made me delete the global server and start a completely new game on the jp one. [ Right now I am level 37 and i have only one 4* card even after doing like 200 pulls but at least i improved at the actual game and i can fc songs on hard and I'm trying to do the same on expert! (update : now I'm level 61 and i have two 4* cards lol) (another update : I'm level 74 rn and i got a lot of 4 star cards from the anniversary since i spent 30k diamonds for the gacha and the free 10 gacha pulls tickets, plus i can fc a lot of songs in expert but only until lvl25 I can't fc higher level songs) ]

Ok that is the story let's now proceed to my actual review.

Honestly, i love this game SO much for so many reasons. When i do completely nothing i start having intrusive thoughts and this game helps me clear my mind. I find myself coming back to the game everytime i have nothing to do. This game makes me rage so much all the time when it doesn't register my fingers especially the flick notes but i still love it. And the characters! Oh my gosh i adore these characters so freaking much they all have a place in my heart, especially Mizuki and Rui, my comfort characters. Let's ignore the fact that i kin Mafuyu, Mizuki, Nene and Rui but yes i love them so much. By the way the songs are really good and catchy and i have many of them saved on my phone. Also i can spend hours playing in co-op, spamming my little stupid stickers, playing the random songs, screaming when i lose my combo and disconnecting half of the times.

The only thing i dislike about this game is the gacha rates, they are so low for no reason.

Anyways that's it, thank you for reading my review and have a nice day/night :) [微笑]

Oh wow, when I first downloaded this game I wasn't expecting to write a review, but here I am! This game is very good and a nice time-killer, the graphics are neat, the characters are gorgeous and the story is so well made. The battle mechanics are pretty good and the gacha rates are okay. It's not so f2p friendly but it's not that bad like some other games. In overall this game is fun and interesting, I definitely reccomend it! :)

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