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Master, gamer, and lover of memes. Balancing out all the boobies on here with memes.
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Master, gamer, and lover of memes. Balancing out all the boobies on here with memes.
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Hell yeah, it is basically a remake of the classic game, but with awesome graphics. Btw, there is a 0.01% chance on the stamp gacha to get all the goodies. Whom so ever out there actually pulls that off has easily spat in the face of god, busted the fattest nut on Satan, and laughed while doing it all as a mad lad should.

Aster Tatariqus


Short version, basically fire emblem with 3% gacha rate and no redo rolls, but very easy to recreate account which passes everything to reroll all things; now panda verion.
So, I view this game as I would an ex in a way, bros will know what I mean. She makes me notice her, she starts teasing me with the way she looks and tells me of all the fun I will have with her, everything sounds as amazing, then you give a bit of attention and it is going great, so then you make the move (gacha pull) and bam! you get done in raw, but she teases you now and then; leading you on as if you got a chance. So what do you need? What every other crazy person does when they are bored! you go for it again, but this time you get that old fashion batman comic book style wham! Next thing you know you wasted your day. Yet she keeps on enticing, filling your head with sweet lies, saying, "I love you baby, I swear I am tight." Lies! The milk has gone bad, and every part of that body is used up, tattoos all over of a bunch guys names, and where the eggs at? You are used goods, the package is great to look at, but the usability is pure shizzz. She refuses to leave you alone though, she keeps reminding how amazing awesome things can be, she keeps luring you in with that body; only to smash your hopes and dreams every single time you are about to giving her the meanest 3 inches of her life.
I laughed way to hard there at the end and had to stop. Good game if you enjoy fire emblem mechanics, hope you all get passed gacha nightmare and have a good laugh reading this insanity as I did typing it.

They did it, what I wish every gacha game would do. They have infinite reroll tutorial gacha attempts, but not the BS kind where it caps out at 1 UR, no, actual rerolls. I was so happy that I busted a fat nut so intense I nearly feinted and kept doing so afterwards; as if I was in some sort of perpetual nut busting time loop I could not escape from. I got bored though playing the game for a few minutes because of how easy it was, that saved me from my tourment of time loop nut busting.

0.3% gacha rate for base pull aka 1 pull, do a 10 pull and the base chance for 5* is 0.6%, takes around 1 hour to do a reroll qnd this is honestly the lowest % chance i have almost ever seen in any game; not f2p, but if you don't feel like creating a new email every retry and dealing with a crazy level of stress because of the bs gacha rate; then the game is enjoyable.

I hate the gacha rate for this game, it was so bad I forgot about everything else in the game.



2% gacha rate, takes around 8 minutes to do a respin, 100% chance to enter respin hell and possibly tossing the phone.

Waiting for that day we can rate the gacha

Blue Reflection Sun


Prepare to get some chemotherapy, because the gacha for this game will give you cancer right after it spits in your face and laughs. Been playing the game since it came out, so many bugs got fixed (not all yet).

Towa Tsugai


So, I've been playing the game for a few days and enjoying it. The gacha thing is a bit interesting. You get new characters, different versions of the main characters, if you get a specific weapon. The rate, btw is 5% for the gacha. Easy recommend for this game if you ever get the chance.



Loved the game and the bullet hell that was a bit fun, but the gacha is horrible; it was so bad for me I felt as if it was a sign from god himself to stop. Also this was after I got out of reroll hell only for the devil to pull back out from the darkness I dunked him into with some lubricant demanding a rematch, but this time, like a sayian, he came back stronger and yelling.
Jokes aside, If you do not care about the gacha mechanics, satan going raw, getting any collab characters or top tier units/weapons then go for it; the game is honestly fun.

My extreme hatred for the reroll in this game by constantly having to do the tutorial did not stop me from loving this game; it is that enjoyable.

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