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genshin has lowered my standards so low, that every game is good now
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genshin has lowered my standards so low, that every game is good now
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Reverse: 1999 | Global


this gotta be the best game i played out of all the games i have played. the gameplay is fun and easy to understand, the music is beautiful, the characters are interesting and unique (like theres literally a piece of glass as a playable character), the story is really good and interesting, and i cant really say much about the gacha since i havent pull much but its fine i guess

4.9 would really recommend this game

Neural Cloud | English


Rhythm Hive


honestly this game is pretty solid [鬼臉]. the game is f2p friendly if you're not that competitive. you can decorate diaries and stuff but im not really into that [難過]. the gameplay is very similar to pjsk so its pretty easy for me to get comfortable. but there is one problem, i usually play on 11.0+ speed and bcuz of that i always tap the notes too fast when i play, even with max speed (9.0), it became kinda hard to full combo [大哭] but im slowly getting there! and honestly thats pretty much it, i like the game but i just hope theres more to setting [委屈]

World Dai Star


love it 🫶

Aether Gazer | Global


this game is very potato phone friendly. it runs way better than the previous games i played (nikke, alchemy stars, eversoul, etc)
• the gameplay is similar like honkai and pgr but the difference is u can just play 1 character and ur other characters that u put in ur team is automatic basically AI. which is kinda weird for me bcuz i like having the freedom to switch characters but this also works for me ig
• the gacha is like usual (70 pulls to get a S character), but the game is rlly f2p friendly. u can get around 3000 crystals in just 1-3 days, even in late game. the only that requires real money is just some skin tbh and its not even expensive.
• the characters are cute! i love tsukuyomi and hel (also currently saving up for hades and anubis)
• story is great too I like the concept and where it's going so far
• for the audio... the music is rlly good but voiceline for the characters sometimes overlap (only in story tho) and when i finish a stage the character will keep talking until i get back to the main screen... usually the stage doesnt end with another dialogue, but its pretty annoying when it does so, i cant enjoy the story that much bcuz of it.

also the eng dub isnt really that good lol, im usually the type of player who use cn and kr voice over but theres only eng and jp here and tbh jp is better. other than that tho i haven't really find any problems so im pretty satisfied with the game [開心]



its actually better than i thought it would be

the game is f2p friendly, gives u alot of everstone (or u can call it crystals) here and there (or its probably just me still new to the game like 1 week in) and u get a free pull everyday!! yey!! [開心]

the story is meh, the music is nice and cute, the gameplay is good too and the housing system is pretty cool but the part where you put the decorations, buildings, etc is pretty time consuming (for me) since the character ur playing have to move it around and because of the animation it get pretty long (especially the tiles since u have to put one by one [不滿]) i prefer where u can just put freely without animations (like genshin, crk, the sims etc) but its cute whatsoever and its not like the main thing is the housing system so its fine [厲害] and it also have a guild system for raid bosses too and u can find new friends there

the graphics is good im currently playing in the medium settings and its not too pixelly (if u get what i mean) but well at the end of the day its based on ur phone if it can handle it or not [不滿]

the characters (or u can call souls) are cool, they have cool and cute designs and i like their personalities [害羞], but its not really my cup of tea since its most of them have a crush on the savior (basically u) and im not really into harem things but its fine i still like them

theres also PVP, PVP is kinda hard for me since im a casual player and i just ball in [不滿] (also just me being bad on how to build a team since i focus more on designs and how cute the character looks) but the PVP is cool i dont really mind it

gacha is cool too u need 2100 everstones for 10 pulls and 240 everstones for 1 pull
• in the standard summon you only need 20-30 pulls to get an epic soul (or u can get a double soul who knows) its also better to save ur everstones for the pick up summon other than using it on the standard summon since u get free tickets for the standard one and free single pull everyday
• the pick up summon is generous too 40 pulls to get an epic soul but it isnt guaranteed to get the pick up soul, if u lose to an other soul u need other 40 pulls so that means 80 pulls but if ur lucky u can get less than 80 pulls and every 40 pulls u will get a reward (?) like free 10 pulls and other rewards
theres 3 more summon banners but i think these 2 are the main ones that need everstones and since the others dont and need tickets more and other stuff

overall i will give this game a 4/5 i would give it a 5/5 if its smoother [鬼臉] but its okay i dont really mind i really like the game, even tho it will crash like 5 times in a row but its probably just my phone so it's alright, and theres pc version too but u need to use google play for it so theres that, anyway cool game and sorry for the rant [不滿]


been playing since like last year but i forgor to give it a review and honestly 9.2/10 [開心] the story is honestly rlly good like the character development is good, and the character/cards designs are so pretty... the gacha kinda sucks tho but other than that its [開心][開心][開心] anyways big love to pjsekai (pls give me kanade cards im begging)

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how do i clear this beginner's mission? i found a translation abt the mission but still cant figure out how to do it/what buttons to press [難過] Read Note
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