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Love the graphics. All the girls are cute and the art is really well made. The only thing that needs improving is the part where you need to accept multiple rewards. Also the shops need to have shortcuts or descriptions. BGM needs work as well, you can clearly tell that it's looping as it just suddenly cuts off. Still a pretty fun game overall.

Onmyoji Arena | Global


WALL OF TEXT AHEAD. Please take your time to read everything.

The game has a really high potential to be one of the best ones of its genre. I have played this game for a couple of months and there are a couple of things I want to say.

- Shikigami's or in other words the heroes that you use in the game. A lot and I mean a lot of the shikis that are in the game are so overpowered that it is not even funny.

- You wanna play solo in rank? Guess what, prepare to have your magnificent booty kicked to Mars by premade teams. And dont even get me started about Chinese players with a 5 man squad against your poor squad of unknowns where the said team just runs over you with a road roller till even your soul has gone flat like your enjoyment.

- THE GAME IS LAGGY AS ALL HELL. By Odin's beard this MOBA is laggy, one game you are playing it at like 22ms the next it turns into 420 blaze it (It seems the ping caps at the said number). From what I have seen and read it seems that this stems from the fact that anyone from across the globe can play on any darn server they want. Not that I have anything wrong with Chinese players but they are mainly the reasons why most of your games turn into red. Like seriously you cant even join clashes properly because it is so laggy that all you can do is spam all your buttons and pray to Arceus above that you are doing something.

- Queue time takes forever. Ah yes, one of the biggest flaws of this game aside from the laggy servers. Once you hit a decently high rank your queue time turns from seconds to minutes. I once sat on queue looking for a match for an entire 5 minutes. Devs say they are trying to fix it but this has been plaguing the game for a very very long time and a fix for it has not been found (Let me know if you find it [怪笑])

I could add more but I dont wanna keep you more than I already had. All in all I dont recommend spending money in this game. Zeus knows I regret it.

TLDR: Game good, Servers and Matchmaking bad.

Hey! You made it all the way to the end. Have a virtual cookie!

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Pretty good game as far as where i'm at. I do have a question though...
How do I get my Pre-registration rewards if there is any?
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