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Waiting for HRH and winbo to go global! [UIDs and Oshis in pinned notes]
rayj 77062008

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Waiting for HRH and winbo to go global! [UIDs and Oshis in pinned notes]
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Wind Boys!


- I don't understand Japanese so the storyline, characters background and anything related to the game's lore is out of this review.
- I've only been playing for about 2-3 weeks
- I'll be mentioning other games like Helios Rising heroes and ENGstars (and why they need to follow winbo's steps /hj)

Okok, let's start!

Graphics, the graphics are simply gorgeous. The cards are 😙👌 /*chef's kiss. The game's UI is really neat, I also love that it doesn't bother you about the game's in game purchases the moment you enter the game.

The bgm of the game really gives off the music based college vibes. Reminds me of music class every week which I miss. One bgm sounds like, "Dancing queen by ABBA" lmao. It fits the game's theme really well.

I am well informed ever since before I entered the game that everything will be in Japanese and I underestimated that hahahaha. I was expecting a bit of English words here and there to help track where everything is but I ended up relying a lot on the icons/logos for each feature and a screen translator. And despite this in being almost full Japanese I ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE GAMEPLAY. It's so simple to understand, that the pictures in the tutorial will basically be enough to guide you throughout the game.

CAN WE ALSO TALK ABOUT THIS GAME'S MERCY ON US GACHA ADDICTS???? You only need 100 pulls to get the guaranteed card ON the banner 😭😭😭 100 pulls TO SPARK IS THE BEST THING THAT I'VE EVER HEARD IN THIS LIFE TIME. engstars is purely based on luck and needs 300 bloody pulls to spark a card 🤧, while helios has mercy on us by giving us a 4 star every 100 pulls but its not guaranteed that it's from the box you're pulling in. BUT WIND BOYS... WIND BOYS IS SLAYING 😭😭👌👌, we can literally get our boys in 100 pulls 😭😭...MY HEART IS OVERJOYED THE TIME I FOUND THAT OUT. This is the reason why I decided to stay playing this game despite the pain of learning how to maneuver this game (WHICH IS REALLY WORTH IT I MUST SAY) HAHHAHA.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved collecting things, but I never really had money to have a full collection. Gacha games like these help me fulfill that childhood dream of mine. Simply collecting these beautiful cards through a very simple gameplay is perfect for a busy person like me and I'm really happy I found out about this game.

The only downside of thsi game is its loading time lmao but nonetheless its still a great game!

It has only been more than half a year, their anniversary is yet to come thsi November I think? And I can't wait for this game to grow! The 100 pulls to spark a card is it's hidden beauty. It's generosity from the login event rewards, to the pity system is amazing. I'll wait for this game to go global someday so I can finally learn about the characters and the lore of this game and despite its language barrier to global players like me, this game is really enjoyable!

I recommend this to busy people, people who love collecting cards, and people who want to look for a side game to chill with or use as a break for other tasking and tedious games out there.

All in all a 4.5/5 in my book, I wish this game years of success and I'll be patiently waiting for it to go global! Cheers 🥂


First of all, if ya'll are going to write a review and compare it to different servers, PLEASE JUST THROW YOUR PHONE AWAY and call it a day.

If you love jp so much just stick to it especially if it makes you comfortable playing that version... Stop picking on en

Each server is quite unique in their own way and I know that veteran ES players have been really attached to the jp server or other servers that have been released before en but in writing a review its important to not be selfish and ACTUALLY THINK OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE PLAYING ES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE EN SERVER. Don't be biased and base EN off of the original version because it obviously GOING TO BE SOMEHOW DIFFERENT. Some people haven't played ES until the EN version got released so hold your horses and don't compare this version to THE OTHER SERVERS.

EN is EN... JP is JP and same goes for the kr, Chinese and other versions. JUST PLAY ON THE SERVER U'RE MOST COMFORTABLE PLAYING IN BECAUSE THERE'S LITERALLY MORE THAN 5 VERSIONS OUT THERE and you are free to choose.

Now here is the EN review, which is not based off of any server. Love this server for what it is. Go back to jp if you're too attached to it.

- this game is really customizable. You can adjust basically almost everything to your liking. EVEN THE FONT!

- the graphics are amazing, it just depends on how much your phone or tablet can handle it. If it lags, try it on different devices to see any differences and if the 3d quality is better on ur tablet or ipad then the problem is ur device. If it still lag in every device you have then its the game's fault 😭

- it's recommended to play a song in the 4 different difficulties or any difficulty you're comfortable with in 2D mode instead of 3d mode bexause, again, your phone or device might not be able to handle it and it might lag, resulting to your full combo getting ruined. You can just switch to 3d mode once you've full combed it for an auto live if you want to view your fave character's spp

- the stories are too wordy to my liking but it's still fun to read and witness the interactions between the characters

- the daily gameplay is repetitive, even the events. It's just about grinding and grinding to get currencies to gamble for a jpeg. The repetitive routine will probably wear you out so you might get burnt out or something and end up taking a break from ES. then come back when you see that your Oshi gets a fs or event card 😂.

- the songs are a banger and I love how the lyrics really connect to the theme of each unit

- character designs are splendid, as expected from happy elements making attractive human beings

- cards look amazing!! DEFINATELY WORTH GAMBLING FOR!

- I don't think enstars is supposed to be a game that you should play for the entire day unless there's an event card of your Oshi. BP is only 10 and work tickets are only 3 (for F2P) for a reason because you're supposed to come back to it it after every 5 hours. To avoid burn out just play when you feel like it.... Enstars is always there it won't leave lmao

- DOES THIS GAME HAVE A PITY SYSTEM?? I think the gacha is purely based on luck. If you're that desperate and unlucky try saving 300 pulls so that you can just buy it from the shop, but that's one downside of the game that I find quite annoying. grinding dias are really hard once you've completed everything there is in the game. So it's important to narrow down your Oshis to 5 max, unless you want to suffer, test your luck and pull on each existing banner. It's really up to you on how you'll spend your dias. The game has login events/bonuses which can be really helpful but for F2P players, budget your dias wisely and hope that your Oshi loves you and comes home.

All in all I recommend this game to people who likes collecting cards, loves music and who would like to bless their eyes with handsome men and a beautiful woman. Good luck on your future pulls, producer! May the gacha gods be with you all.

Helios Rising Heroes


Note: I will often mention Ensemble stars since these 2 games are from the same company and I discovered helios after going deep into the rabbit hole of ES contents on Yt. This will be wordy but the last paragraph is basically the summary of everything.

I downloaded this game since its the same company developer as ensemble stars and it did not disappoint!! The graphics are really good to look at. I can see the resemblance between the 2 game in terms of the art and UI. As expected, the UI is clean and its not messy to look at. The game doesn't constantly bombard you with offers that involve irl money unlike other games. The gameplay is so simple, it's easy to understand despite the language barrier which makes this a really flexible game played by people in and out of Japan! The characters have different personalities which make them iconic and unique in their own different ways. I've come to like Gray Reverse because apprantly he has multiple personalities(? Please correct me if I'm wrong) which sometimes get triggered during battle which I find really intresting!!!

The graphics as I said are insane, the burst animations are to die for, the cards are worth gambling for and everyone are just eye candies it's amazing! I COULD GO FOREVER TALKING ABOUT HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS GAME IS BUT I HAVE MORE THINGS TO COVER 😭

Though there's one thing that is a put off for me when I play it.

I have always loved indulging myself in anything related to lore, background stories, making theories and predictions etc. With helios, since the language is in Japanese, it makes it hard for me to fully connect to the characters and the story. I feel guilty for skipping through the story because it really looks intresting from the way the characters are voiced and the interactions. It would be amazing if we could understand what the characters are saying to fully immerse ourselves in the game and form deeper connections with characters because I bet if not most, some of them are relatable and we'd like to exeprience that.

I am Aware that it took 7 years before enstars got it's global version and since Helios just got released last year? I would assume it would take years before it releases a global version as well.

Entering this game I already expected to not understand a single thing and end up uninstalling it because of that reason, but up until now it's still on my phone. As I said because of the simple gameplay its really easy to get used to it at a short period of time. I may not be playing it as much as I play engstars but I play it from time to time when I run out of BP and work tickets. Its quite hard to accomplish all your mission if you don't understand the language because it doesn't have a navigation button to lead you to where your mission can be accomplished.

Regarding the gacha system, to be honest, i am not sure if this game has a pity system since I haven't really pulled for someone I actually like, I just pull on random banners around 4 times jsut to get my starter team ready. Enstars doesn't have a pity system.. I think? Because I pulled 110 times for ritsu and he never came home. Enstars doesn't have a particular pity system it's purelt based on how luck you are. But I'm not sure if this game is the same. Please let me know!

For that I can't really talk about the gacha system, but I do know that thsi game is quite generous at giving rubies especially to new players so give it a shot!

TO END, One day I'd like to witness this AMAZING game go global like ensemble stars because it deserves a lot of love and attention like ES and other famous games right now. THIS GAME IS TRULY A HIDDEN GEM. I'll make sure to tell everyone I know about it!

Id recommend this game to anyone who wants to try it for any reason, but just keep in mind that if you are a lore lover like me, it would be quite a put off when playing (if you don't know how to read Japanese) Nonetheless it's worth a shot and not knowing the story should not and I hope would not hinder you from playing this god sent amazing game! This game deserves to go global and I'm here to wait for this miracle to happen.

A 4.5/5 on my list. This developer company just keeps making gems that are yet to be discovered by the world and one day it'll be known! Happy elements has done it again! Cheers!

Ps: good luck to everyones pulls on both HRH and ES! Happy gambling-- I mean.. GAMING, everyone!! [鬼臉]

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