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Hi guys! i love this game sm to the point that sometimes i wont even come out of my room & touch grass- & The fandom gives me theraphy everyday so i wont need to pay anyone to be my theraphist, i love the people who play this game, they are so kind & polite but also so toxic at the same time! (not all) Some even hates your ship & start trash talking it! Isn't that fun? Anyways, i love this game! 1000/10

So lets get on with the things !

Graphics - overrall not bad as i would say, Its good but alot of the 3D models have pretty bad glitches in the past, But it's still great!

Sound/Music - AMAZINGGGG the covers are just perfection & i even prefer the game covers than the original, It is amazing & it really is just vibes!

Gameplay - I like the gameplay, its not confusing at all, & not hard too, Like Ensemble Stars is quite hard for me becouse of the flicks, but project sekai is really simple & easy so 10/10

Storyline - Y'ALL THE STORIES ARE JUST SO GOOD- There is so much character development & nice plot, its so good honestly! but i think the side characters should have more things added to their appearance bc they look so plain

Value - idk.

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