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I'm just here to play games where I can collect pretty people.
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I'm just here to play games where I can collect pretty people.
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TKRB has proven to be a nice break from the other mobile gachas I have: there's no guilds, no PVP competitions of any kind where you're competing for rewards ( the only pvp is very low key where you can go to complete your dailies and that's it really ), and no stressors that come hand in hand with heavy inter-player requirements to play a game ( guild exclusive items etc ).

The UI is hideous, but it fits the overall charm of the game.

Honestly, overall, the game is very grind heavy, even if you do spend any money on the game. As such, it's worthwhile to save materials for forging swords. That's where the gacha concept comes in: recipes are nearly never Exact, but they are good to use as they help raise your chances at getting the sword boy you want.

Or naginatas. I just want Shizukagata to come home...

I'm grateful for the autoplay, bc I can run grinds while doing other things, with minimal input on my part as grinding is boring, so that's a big win for me.

The cast is huge and is continuing to grow and the seiyuus are extensive - there's a high chance your fave is somewhere in the game.

The storyline is kind of negligible tbqh, but I nonetheless enjoy the overall simplicity of the game honestly. Big bonus for me: I don't have to do anything when they level up ( i.e. choose stats to boost etc ), as that's always a pain in my butt due to the numerous ways other games have you leveling ( different "currencies" of some kind for stats etc etc ).

It takes a little to adjust to the game, but honestly it's overall a low-key game for me to veg out on to play.

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