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why r u here
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why r u here
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Rhythm Hive


i guess i just really like Bighit Entertaintment thats why i rated it like this, but im being honest and i actually like it.
It's a good game except the fact that this or this may not be a bug: whenever i play the chapter stage on the second one and finish it im pretty interrupted by the fact that when its done and loads it says "network connection error" every single time, and whenever i restart it seems ive lost that one stamina to play again and it also did not save the progress ive made.
I played it again and again trying over and over and each time losing that stamina, i had 63 stamina gone to 52, but the error is still there. It doesnt seem to be a network error since im the only one using it and the network is stable every time but i would really love to get some help from whoever or from the gamers playing it if you have experienced this and can help get rid of it id appreciate it a ton. You can say i have not made any progress since day 1. 🐻

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