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I'm actually happy that Engstars is here and I've been playing it since the release and i noticed something about the game

1. it follows JP, KR and CN. Meaning cn exclusive cards will be added like the chiaki cn card or hiyori cn card though I'm not sure if it will come to the game because I'm not happyele. Then it'll add systems like prime missions (from KR and we currently have), memorial coin shop (every version of enstars), and switch to basic (KR I'm not sure if they might add it since they'll probably won't)

2. most of the systems and details in Engstars were from KR like society, different types of live (starry lives, infinite lives and expert lives). then, the texts, the profile banner and custom description with details (eg. change color of text or change size).

3. the value of dias for 1x / 10x and the change of pulling from dias to scout tickets. it also came from KR because in KR, they also have 350 dias for a 1 pull and 3500 for a 10 pull. but i also see people complaining about the dia value for pulling

Edit: I'm actually surprised that they released mv outfit fitting room very early and I'm kind of interested on what they might add next, i didn't expect the loop work and live thing as well also the song titles is also something i forgot about


Schedule for events, scouts and birthdays

(Event Scout) Scout! Spy THE Mission
Duration: Dec. 23 12:00 PM ~ Jan. 6 2023 11:59 AM

(Event) Envy ♦️ The Feather-Light Brush of Small Wings
Duration: Dec. 24 12:00 PM ~ Jan. 1 10:00 PM
Event Song: Living on the Edge
Unit: Alkaloid

(Birthday) Mika Kagehira Dec. 26

(Birthday) Tatsumi Kazehaya Dec. 28

January 2023

(Birthday) Hiiro Amagi Jan. 4

(Birthday) Eichi Tenshouin Jan. 10

(Birthday) Tori Himemiya Jan. 13

(Featured Scout) Tsukasa Featured Scout
Duration: Jan. 17 ~ Feb. 2 2023

(Event Scout) Scout! Halloween Box
Duration: Jan. 22 ~ Feb. 6

(Event) Howl! Nightless City That Burns the Soul
Duration: Jan. 23 ~ 31
Event Song: Nightless World

(Birthday) Kuro Kiryu Jan. 26

February 2023

(Featured Scout) Wataru Featured Scout
Duration: Feb. 2 ~ 17

(Birthday) Natsume Sakasaki Feb. 4

(Birthday) Kohaku Oukawa Feb. 5

(Event Scout) Scout! Turn of the Century War
Duration: Feb. 6 ~ 21

(Tour Event) Variety and Tag / Bogie Time!
Duration: Feb. 7 ~ 15
Unit/s: Ra*bits and Eden


Chiaki Morisawa sir, I want to tell you that thank you for existing, thank you for being born, thank you for creating ryuseitai, thank you for being happy, thank you for giving me a reason to live, thank you for being my comfort character, thank you for making me get over my depression, thank you for being alive.

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quick question does other versions than jpstars have memorial coin exchange? I need to know since i might be just hoping for a non-existent update to come to engstars Read Note
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