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Game weeb.
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Game weeb.
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Will play again once I get a better phone.

Hamster Town


Very cute and relaxing gameplay. The urge to nom thoe little hamsters is so strong. The gameplay was kind of like candy crush, but the fact that we play in order to build the hamsters' house is so cute in its own way. And we get to meet new hamsters too and get to know facts about them.

Devil Pot


The game is neat but gets boring after a few rounds since its basically like a cut-rope game.

Protect my Love


Sorry, I just think it's a bit cringey for me and cliche.

Weird Aquarium


I think it's a bit boring, but the graphics and art did throw me off guard. It's funny and it's something that can keep you just a bit occupied if ever you are doing something else. It's like you can check it out every now and then and forget about it. I hope that we get to find more creatures in this game easily, the search is kind of long and I did everything just to get it to be a big aquarium but you really need patience for this game.

Magatsu Wahrheit | Global


Was expecting a great gameplay but got slapped with a bad internet connection notice instead. Couldn't even get in, and mind you my connection is strong and was recently playing a MOBA game before entering this one. Please fix.

Animal Restaurant


It's so cute and fun to play with. Although I'm a bit old to enjoy this game, I still find it pleasant and something that you can actually play while doing something else like another task. Kudos to the devs for making this relaxing and wholesome game.

Dislyte | Global


A game I think everyone should love. This game has superb graphics and the storyline is epic too. Although it may be similar to other turn-based games, the animation as per doing so just relieves and makes it super unique. Although the drop rate is kind of small and it's relatively hard to earn gems for summoning, overall I think it's still one of the best.

Cute! Will play again on my free time.



Although the character customization here is beautiful, I just think that maybe it lacks interaction with other players. I hope that they would add some kind of world where we are able to interact with others using our characters and not just on posts.

Although it was entertaining to just use it as an idle game or to pass time while you are doing actual work, I think it just takes too much time with all of the quests and everything to do at once. The progress is slow, although fulfilling, I think it just gets boring along the way. However, I'm willing to try it once more because I really love the details of the games and the mounts (they are so cute).

SAKURA School Simulator


Being the gay person as I am, I actually enjoyed this game since I can basically flirt with the girls here and have a lot of lovers. The only issue I have in this game is that it isn't easy to navigate yourself around here at first. But I guess that's the beauty of it, maybe once I get to walk around more I might able to remember the map well and it'll be okay. Overall it's a solid 5/5 since I thoroughly enjoyed playing this.



Zepeto is actually great, you have multiple ways to gain money for clothes and character customization literally goes beyond limit. But unfortunately, it's not the type of game that you'd find yourself playing for hours. You might just play for a few minutes to take some pictures and then leave again, it's only purpose somehow is to take pictures and the open world as well, but other than that, it isn't that fun unless you have friends to take pictures with.

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