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has more features that are helpful .

just reviewing
note : English isn't my first language so excuse the mistakes in grammar or spellings
Gameplay is nice and smooth for me
the notes are VERY creative i suggest watching some videos abt the song charts
Stories are entertaining and fun to read
Events are quite nice u can earn points to get event cards (3* and 2* only)
The event stories , i don't read them but i do read the event card side stories well some of them in yt
Songs are so good made me a vocaloid fan ^^
these are my fav songs from each group unit
Leo/need - ray
More More Jump - Angel's Cover
Vivid BAD SQUAD - Cinema
Wonderland x Showtime - Showtime Ruler
Nightcord at 25:00 - Jackpot Sad Girl
note : tho their are some bugs that ppl are experiencing hope they fix that bcuz this game is absolutely the best and i want ppl to enjoy playing it aswell ^^

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