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Daily reminder : Mafuyu Asahina solos !
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Daily reminder : Mafuyu Asahina solos !
Game Comments (2)

What in Hell is Bad?


This game is just hilarious for me ! From my opinion , this game is good for anyone who wants to play a game other than "Obey Me!"

The graphic of this game is good , nothing special from it .
Gameplay of this are interesting . . . !
( Had to be honest , I was shocked while playing this game . )
The storyline is pretty much just hilarious !
characters and designs are alright . . and their voice too !

That's all that I could say . Its really nothing special about it but I had a good laugh while playing it !
( And some scenes that got me speechless . )

(-What I'm trying to say that this game is mid.)

I absolutely love everything about this game ! I have been playing since last year and I had a lot things to say .

The characters are so well written along with their backstories and interaction , Their voice matched with the songs they sang ( from my opinion . ) , and the gameplay too ! My favorite part of this game is the custom profiles ! You can do anything from your creativity and make it so cute ! ( for me a least . )

Sadly , I dont really get hype of anything from this game anymore . But I definitely recommend to try this game out ! [開心]

Anyways , daily reminder : Mafuyu Asahina solos . [開心]

Note to people who spam characters name :
If you really want the character so bad , why not try to spam it to yourself or your friends ( if you have one . ) or even just spam your mutuals / online friends if you need the card so bad .

Not to sound mean or get you offended or anything , but i see some of people are annoyed with it , so please control yourself !

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