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obsessed with idol games!!!!!! btw i am chitose kurosaki <3
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obsessed with idol games!!!!!! btw i am chitose kurosaki <3
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This is the game that really got me into the Idolm@ster series! The graphics are amazing and the characters and their designs are simply flawless! The characters range from super cute and preppy idol girls to heavy metal idol girls!!! Theres a idol for everyone's preferences! The game is easy to understand even if you're not fluent in Japanese. The only critique i have is since theres so many idols, the fan favorites have way more content than the lesser liked idols so unless your idol is also the most popular, the content for them is lacking.
anyways im dating mio and kirari

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light brown and blonde hair!!! i know its pretty basic and normal but light brown or blonde hair is super pretty and it looks super cute on anime girls [開心] #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
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