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The Elder Scrolls: Blades


"It just works"

Not bad at all!

Graphics: 4/5
The 2d animations are really well made, as well as the character's animations throughout the story mode, almost everything is fully animated.

Sound: 5/5
Full voiced game with a good soundtrack.

Gameplay: 4/5
Although the game is in 2d, the gameplay feels smooth and you have quite a variety of techniques and characters to choose from, you can also upgrade or modify the aspects of the characters you like.

Storyline: 4/5
The game's storyline and the depiction of the characters are the same as in the anime.

Value: 4/5
Not bad at all, the game itself just launched, and I hope there'll be different events with new content related to the DaL lore or even collabs.

Last Cloudia | Japanese


The wait is over!

Grimms Echoes | Japanese


Really good game

More ship-girls? I'm in.

City Dunk: Free Style


The overall game is OK, but don't even try online mode if you're not from Japan, otherwise your ping will get over 400ms easily, and it'll be impossible to play.

Not bad at all



No, thanks...

Graphics: 1/5
The 2d is abhorrent, the good thing I liked was the option to obtain different cards with scenes from the anime itself. But apart from that, the 2d in-game sprites seems like taken from an amateur flash animation from Newgrounds in 2005.

Sound: 1/5
No voices in-game.

Gameplay: 1/5
If the 2d was not enough, you'll find yourself trying to play a game... but just throwing dices instead, in a videogame based on a fighting series. I'd had never expected something like this, taking into account the game previous to this one, the one that actually had a fighting system which required the player to have a minimun strategy before going into battle, but forget all of that here, just upgrade your cards lvl and follow the pentagon of the elements.

Storyline: 2/5
Nothing wrong with it.

Value: 1/5
The fact that this game requires Android 5.1+ is absurd, Android 2.1+ should be enough. The servers are utter trash and disconnections from the game are constant.

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