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Ra*bitsP || Getting that bread for Mitsuru
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Ra*bitsP || Getting that bread for Mitsuru
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I love this game so much even with the numerous big flaws it has. To name some, here are some big issues I have with the game:

(1) 5* event card rewards are hard to get, you literally need to lose some sleep and tons of dias in order to get one as a f2p.

(2) Lack of ways to earn free dias as a f2p. In other versions of the game (tw, cn, and kr) those versions have dailies and main story song missions that rewards some dias, yet jp version refuses to create such systems.

(3) Gacha rates are... doubtful. It says 3% for 5* and with a rate-up of 1% for the featured cards and yet it is hard to get 5* cards. And also, I heard that the gacha system before in the older version of Enstars!Basic was much better because firstly, event gacha banners only had the 5* of the event card so if you got a rainbow then it's guaranteed to be the event card of the banner. And most importantly, the dias cost back then was only 135.

So yeah, these are some big issues I have with the game and YET I still love this game and franchise like a LOT. The characters, gameplay, and just overall experience of the game is just one of the most memorable and amazing experience I have had.



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📣Song Event Update Event Name: Celebratory Address | Strumming Bride Light
Event Duration (JST): 05/31 15:00 - N/A
Event Song: Sustain Memories - UNDEAD
(Note: Translations can change.)
《Event Cards:》
5* Card: Kaoru Hakaze
4* Card: Adonis Otogari
3* Card(s): Rei Sakuma, Koga Ogami
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